Yule 2017 Sabbat Box Theme Release • Midwinter Musings

Yule Winter Solstice Sabbat Box Theme Release - Midwinter Musings - 2017 Yule Sabbat Box


As The Wheel of the Year turns to its darkest point -- the winter solstice -- our Pagan ancestors would anticipate a moment of light in the midst of that darkness, which came in the observance and celebration of Yule. It is during this Sabbat that we take time to reflect on the cyclical nature of life and death, beginning and end. This was a difficult time for our ancestors, and Yule marked a time of the year where the light of the sun would slowly reign dominance again over the darkness of winter, and life would soon re-emerge from the darkness once again.

From this particularly harsh time of the year sprung lore and archetypical stories explaining the season, such as that of the Holly King and the Oak King. "The death and rebirth of the "Lord" and the diminishment of the Oak King and his temporary reign as the Holly King until spring" perfectly represents the cycles and transitions of the season from dark to light, and is just one of many stories that.

During Yule, our ancestors would gather together as a community to celebrate the support given to one another in this time of lack, to remind themselves that the dark isn’t forever, and that the lighter days will soon return.

Sabbat Box 2017 Yule Winter Solstice Theme ReleaseOutside activity is limited for many of us at this time of the year, and it can sometimes be difficult to connect with our environment as the cold and snow limit our natural actions. But this limitation also can be a positive: while we bunker down in our warm homes and huddle near the hearth, we have time to reflect on what is to come, as well as what we want to achieve and accomplish for the year ahead. Even our secular calendars show the turn of time, and we ruminate on New Year’s resolutions and the successes and failures we’ve experienced over the last twelve months.

It is this spirit of reflection and rumination that we have focused on for this Yule’s Sabbat Box. We have collected a selection of items that can be utilized while we examine the past and look towards the future. Our midwinter musings can be a time to focus power and intent toward what we want out of our lives and which paths to take. We hope you can find some comfort in this year’s offerings and take advantage of the time spent keeping warm. We hope you have a warm and joyful winter with your loved ones, but we also hope you may have the time to look inward and connect with your inner will and power, for it is the key to bringing forth the positive changes we all desire each new year.

As we come to the end of another year of curating these special boxes, we just wanted to say that we have been very grateful for the outpouring of support for what we do, and we thank all of you for being members (or potential members!) and wish you the brightest blessings, prosperity, and love in the midst of midwinter. 



Discover the 2017 Yule Sabbat Box Here

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