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Sabbat Box Samhain Sabbat Box Subscription Box For Witches Wiccans and Pagans

Hail and Welcome, Sabbat Box Members and Friends!

We have come to the favorite Sabbat of many of our members--Samhain! It is time to don the robes, tread into the dark, and hold ritual with friends and loved ones, both present and passed. Many celebrate "The Witches' New Year" with ancestor altars, dumb suppers, and other rituals that both honor those in our past as well as look toward our future.

With that in mind, we decided this year to curate items for a spiritual practice that goes hand-in-hand with Samhain and its focus on both past and future: divination. The practice of intuiting the future using basic tools and systems has been around probably as long as people have been walking the earth. We strive to both understand those things that have happened, both good and bad, and hopefully learn from them, but also look at the signs and portents with specific methods to help us understand where we are headed and what is to come. As cunning folk, we consider divination to be a gift. Whether it is the lines on one’s hand, the cards in a deck, or the leaves at the bottom of a teacup, people have practiced methods of attuning their intuition to hopefully glean insights of what lies ahead and what is to be done to take the next steps in their lives. We gathered the items for the 2017 Samhain Sabbat Box in hopes to help our members look ahead and by looking inward.

  • As some of you may know, we are currently at our maximum membership capacity at Sabbat Box. We have implemented a waiting list for those interested in joining when membership positions become available. You can join the waiting list here
  • Do you or someone you know make a product that would appeal to the Pagan community? Are you looking to launch a product or get your product in front of a large audience? If so, lets talk! Sabbat Box is always looking for new vendors and suppliers that create unique items to feature inside an upcoming Sabbat Box. Sabbat Box is a great way for people to find out about you, your product or your company. Whether you are looking to advertise inside the box or wish to feature a product within a box, we would love to hear from you. Register to become a Sabbat Box Supplier/Advertiser today.


    2017 Samhain Sabbat Box - For Cunning Folk Alike - Divination Tools and Wiccan Supplies

    All of the items that we curated for you inside this box correspond with -or- may help assist you with the following forms of magick:

    • Divination work
    • Working past the veil
    • Protection magick
    • Working with the Higher Self
    • Aiding with Samhain rites, spells and magick

    It is during “summer’s end,” on All Hallows’ Eve (the witches’ new year) that we start to embrace the coming darkness. As the veil between the living and the dead fades, we call upon our ancestors and those who came before us, to guide us in the coming months, while honoring them during our rites. We honor the Earth for the final fruit that she bears, and reflect upon the sacrifices we had to make to get to where we are while prepping for the future. Thogh the future for certain may be unknown, and questions may arise, we as cunning folk will use this time to work divination in effort to seek what may be coming our way.

    When we as practitioners are presented with questions, or are heading into the uknown, we put our magick to the test, attempting to find the answers we need with divination, and we proceed to manifest the outcomes we desire with our own magickal pursuits. Divination is a practice that helps us to see our way forward as well as see where we have been. We use divinatory tools to intuit our place and get our bearings of where we are on our path; it is a means to understand the conditions that surround us while helping us to look within to make better choices that will ultimately make us most happy.

    For this year’s Samhain Sabbat Box, we have turned our focus on curating a variety of items that may shine a light on the season’s darkening path--light not from the sky, but from ourselves. Since the magick and celebration of Samhain is versatile, and its significance often greater for most, we wanted to make sure that the items found within our flagship box were equally versatile in their use. On top of versatility, we have also curated items that go hand in hand with this sabbat in particular, tools to aid with parting the veil, protection magick, workgin with spirit guides, workign with our higher selves, divination work, and more.



    Palmistry Hand Statue Kit With Info Booklet - Samhain Sabbat Box

    ITEM 1: PALMISTRY KIT.........$16.95
    • WHAT:
    Palmistry Hand Statuary with Information Book and Instructions
    • WHO MAKES IT?:
    Curated via Eclectic Artisans
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: If you have an beginning interest in palmistry, this fantastic statuary will provide you with a “handy" visual reference.  


    This beautifully detailed palmistry hand statuary is the perfect resource to get you started in learning about the art of chiromancy (a.k.a. palm reading), a method of divination. Divination is such a valuable tool that we use to assist us on our spiritual journeys. It helps us to gain a deeper understanding of our inner selves, and provides us with valuable insight that assists us with our day to day lives. Our goal in curating this set is to help expand your choices and broaden your knowledge when it comes to working divination and your “higher self.”

    If you are looking to learn more about the art of Palmistry and Chiromancy, check out this website called The Palmistry Room. The Palmistry Room offers an in depth guide on palmistry that includes diagrams and illustrations to go along with the article. 

    Palmistry Hand Statue With Info Booklet
    Palmistry Hand Set



    Witch's Circle Water By The Vodou Store

    ITEM 3: RITUAL WATER..........$10.00
    • WHAT:
     Hand Blended Witch's Circle Water
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    The Vodou Store
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at The Vodou Store or the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Infused waters are a versatile tool to help cleanse, purify, and protect sacred spaces or objects. This water is a great addition to your spell pantry for Samhain rituals or any other working.

    Made up of a potent blend of consecrated water, salt, lavender, rosemary, patchouli, and a few other secret proprietary ingredients, The Witch’s Circle Water by The Vodou Store was made to help strengthen and add extra protection to your circle, fast. Sprinkle it around your altar, temple, or sacred space, as well as along the perimeter of your circle to ensure that no negative energy interrupts the intent of your magickal working.

    Witch’s Circle Water incorporates the traditional method of spreading salt and protective herbs around your circle, but in a quick and convenient way. This particular concoction works very well for outdoor rituals or workings as well. Witch’s Circle Water can also be used as an individual spell component when working protection magick as well. 


    The Vodou Store - Witch's Circle Water
    The Vodou Store

    Located in Chicago, Illinois, The Vodou Store was started back in 2010 by Docteur Caeli and Helfurian Liontari. The Vodou Store specializes in items related to Haitian Vodou, hoodoo, conjure, and witchcraft. Their proprietary line of baths, incense, conjure rubs, dirts, sachet powders, gris gris, colognes, oils, and more, are meticulously hand crafted, using knowledge and techniques that stay true to the religions they know and have experience with.

    Learn more about this vendor in the featured vendors section below...



    The Crow Anointing Balm By FOG - Samhain Sabbat Box

    ITEM 2: ANOINTING BALM.........$16.00
    • WHAT:
    “The Crow” Hand Crafted Reiki Charged Anointing Balm
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at FOG or the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: This hand crafted balm is great for pre ritual anointing and perfect for rituals involving shadow work, ancestor work or for spiritual protection. 

    Use the code above at FOG and receive 15% OFF your next ORDER!


    This hand crafted Reiki charged anointing balm from FOG is the perfect tool to incorporate into your Samhain celebrations and rituals. Made with a divine blend of wild crafted dark aged patchouli, organic clary sage, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, and beeswax, The Crow anointing balm is ideal to use in combination with shadow work, divination, animal totem work, shamanic journeying, crossing the hedge, transmutation work, and more.

    The crow is a sentinel of the dark. It carries mysteries and secrets into the light of day, revealing that our spirit is everywhere. The crow allows us to step into the shadows and walk between the worlds at will, making this also ideal to incorporate into channeling work and working with the dead as well. 

    FOG Ritual Apothecary
    FOG Ritual Apothecary

    Located in Southeast Pennsylvania, FOG was started by Bryanna back in 2014. FOG is a ritual apothecary specializing in anointing balms and crystal essences that are made with organic, wild crafted, and local ingredients.

    Learn more about this vendor in the featured vendors section below...


    Witches Sight Pendulum Set By Sabbat Box - Samhain Box

    ITEM 4: PENDULUM SET..........$15.00
    • WHAT:
     Witches Sight Wood Chambered Pendulum Kit with Herbs and Board
    • WHO MAKES IT?: Created By Sabbat Box
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: The Sabbat Box Store 
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: If you have an interest in learning to use a pendulum, or are looking for a new set, this kit provides everything you need to get started!

    One specific practice that goes hand in hand with Samhain is divination. Divination is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.” Since it is believed that the “veil” beteween the living and the dead is at its thinnest on Samhain, many believe it to be an opportune time to communicate with spirit, ancestors, guides, or loved ones. Inside each kit is a wooden chambered pendulum and includes everything you need to work this simple, yet effective, form of divination this Samhain and beyond.


    • 1 x Hand carved, wood chambered pendulum - 10.25" long
    • 1 x Bag of Witches Sight divination herbs - 3x4" bag
    • 1 x Custom pagan pendulum board on sturdy card stock - 4.75" x 4.75"


    • Mugwort (Psychic power, psychic protection, astral projection, protection)
    • Yarrow (Psychic work, exorcism, courage)
    • Rosemary (Protection, purification)
    • Meadowsweet (Love, divination, peace)
    • Damiana (Used to produce visions, trance work psychic work)
    • Wormwood (Spirit work, summoning spirit, protection, psychic power)

    It is believed that when using a pendulum, you are tapping into and accessing your “higher self,” a.k.a. your subconscious mind, in order to find answers to questions that may lay deep within. Some also believe along with the higher self, beings like spirit, the divine, ancestors, guides, or guardians can be brought forth to assist with providing answers during divinatory work as well. 

    People will use pendulums to dowse for simple yes or no answers to questions or to receive guidance from spirit. Some use them to find lost items, while others will use them to help pick things out for spellwork, like crystals and herbs, or even help to pick tarot cards for a reading. Others may use pendulums to help them to pick out ritual supplies, and some will also use in combination with healing, and Reiki. If at the grocery store, keep a watchful eye out… you might notice that some practitioners will even use their pendulums to help them pick the most ripe or freshest fruits and vegetables on the display. Pendulums are a helpful and easy to use form of divination, and it is recommended that all practitioners have one to assist you with both your magickal and mundane lives.


    Witches Sight Pendulum Kit With Pendulum Board, Divination Herbs, and Wood Chambered Pendulum
    Witches Sight Pendulum Kit


    Samhain Spell Candle By Lailoken's Awen

    ITEM 5: RITUAL CANDLE.........$8.50
    • WHAT: 
    Anointed and Charged Samhain Beeswax Ritual Candle
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Lailoken's Awen
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at Lailoken's Awen or The Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Custom made and infused with corresponding oils dedicated to the Sabbat, black candles are a staple for ritual work and spellcraft on Samhain.

    This deep, dark black beeswax Samhain candle from Lailoken’s Awen was custom made specifically for the 2017 Samhain Sabbat Box. Each candle comes ritually charged and pre-anointed with Lailoken’s potent Samhain ritual oil within, ready to be used in combination with your own spiritual workings this Samhain.

    This versatile candle is perfect to be used on an ancestor altar to honor departed loved ones, and those who came before us; it would make a divine candle to use in combination with scrying or when working divination, or use it simply to illuminate your altar or sacred space with subtle light.

    Shop Lailoken's Awen
    Lailoken's Awen

    Lailoken's Awen, Located in Thunder Bay Canada, was founded by Shawn, a magickal practitioner of Wicca and a practicing Druid for 25 years. Lailoken's Awen creates hand-crafted, organic loose incense, stick incense, anointing oils, smokeless smudge sprays, bath salts, and spell candles and more! 

    Learn more about this vendor in the featured vendors section below...


    Miriam Jasper Stone Pyramids

    ITEM 6: STONE PYRAMID...............$9.95
    • WHAT:
     Miriam Jasper Crystal Pyramid Set with Bag and Information Card
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Sourced and Made by Sabbat Box
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: These beautiful pyramids are a great addition to altar or sacred space as an aid in meditation and divinatory work.

    Miriam Jasper, also known as calligraphy stone, Arabic stone, or script stone, is as beautiful as it is unique. This stone ironically isn’t a jasper but is actually made up of fossilized seashell, bone, and vegetation from an ancient lake that came under great pressure when the Himalayas were forming.

    Known as a diviner’s stone, Miriam Jasper is said to carry protective qualities due to the hematite inside. It is also said to aid with automatic writing and accessing the akashic records during meditation. It is also known as “calligraphy stone” due to the flowing lines that run through it, like a handwriting


    • 1 Miriam Jasper Stone Pyramid
    • 1 Info card for your book of shadows
    • 1 Black felt bag for safe keeping

    If you are ever attempting "automatic writing," keep your pyramid in your opposite writing hand (your non dominate hand), or near where you are writing to help you pick up the vibration or energy of spirit to aid in your automatic writing. Here is a great video on automatic writing by The Witchy Mommy. 

    Miriam Jasper Pyramid By Sabbat Box
    Miriam Jasper Pyramid



    Samhain Sabbat Box - For Cunning Folk Alike

    PACKING & SHIPPING: Part of the costs of your box include the box and the packing material itself. The items listed below account for a good portion of the overall costs for the Samhain Sabbat Boxes. Each Samhain Sabbat Box is lined with paper padding and wrapping to add to the surprise of what we’ve curated for you. Shipping is also included in the total price for Sabbat Boxes. The cost to ship boxes is roughly $9.00. Also, we here at Sabbat Box wish to be as environmentally friendly that we can be and do our best to source packing supplies and material from companies that have the same beliefs we do, in that we want to make as little of an impact as possible on the environment, while also keeping the content of your boxes safe as they make their journey to you. 

    BOXES: Your boxes where made from high quality corrugated paper and are 100% recyclable. Try to find another use for your box. They are 9x9x3 on the inside. You could decorate your box to hold some magical supplies or use it again to ship something to someone or save it for another time when you may need it. If you have to get rid of it, please try to recycle it.

    BROCHURES: Your brochures are printed on recyclable 16pt paper, which is sourced from sustainable forests.

    TISSUE PAPER & FILLING: The black tissue paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable. The black colored filler inside each box is made from scraps of recycled colored crinkle paper and is biodegradable. The filler comes from an eco friendly, company. 

    STICKERS: The stickers found within your boxes where printed on vinyl with a gloss laminate.


    Samhain Sabbat Box Savings

    Part of our goal is to provide a number of items to our members at a value far above what individuals can purchase on their own. When you add up all of the items inside your Samhain Sabbat Box, as well as costs for shipping and packaging, you are saving over $39.00. We believe this to be another good reason to be a member. Also, each box we create helps to support Pagan run businesses and their employees. Sabbat Box looks forward to continuing to stay within our mission to work with other Pagan businesses to supply products for each box.

    • Total MSRP of items inside: $76.40 

    • Total Savings on this box: $30.45 
    • Total Shipping Savings: $9.00 
    • Grand Total In Savings: $39.45 

    Our members helped to support 5 small/Pagan run businesses with their Sabbat Box membership! We work with other Pagans and Pagan owned businesses within the community to purchase, curate and supply the items featured within our boxes. In the end, we want to help the community grow and share our business with companies that share our same values and standards.


    FOG Apothecary


    ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY SELL: FOG ( is a ritual apothecary balancing energy through chakras, moon phases, spirit animals, and light + shadow work. Founded by Bryanna back in 2014, Bryanna created FOG as a conduit for healing, exploring her darkness, and sharing her discoveries with kindred spirits; this apothecary contains the truest essence of her soul.

    Located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, FOG offers an array of ritual anointing balms and crystal essences geared toward ritual and spiritual workings. All products are smudged with sage at their birth, nurtured with crystals + reiki, and made with organic, wildcrafted or locally sourced ingredients. As Bryanna’s inner journey evolves, so too will FOG, in perpetuum. 

    Use during checkout at FOG to receive 15% off your purchase.


    The Vodou Store - Featured Inside The Samhain Sabbat Box


    ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY SELL: Started by Docteur Cæli, The Vodou Store humbly began back in December of 2010 with only a select few products, most notably self-adhesive candle labels featuring the lwa of Haitian Vodou, Docteur Cæli's initiated religion, and this is where the store got its name.

    Over time the product line began to expand to include items related to hoodoo, conjure, witchcraft, and products featuring pagan gods representative of Hellfurian Liontari's religion (Caeli's partner), and began to transform from a store carrying about 5 products to featuring over 1000. Their candle labels and prayer cards have been able to fill the need for many other religions and feature traditional prayers compiled with the help of experts within those religions, initiated priests, and scholars who specialize in those fields.

    Their working products such as their baths, incense, conjure rubs, dirts, sachet powders, gris gris, colognes, and oils, etc., are meticulously hand crafted staying true to the religions they have experience and knowledge with. It is their goal to create only the best and most authentic tools for their customers, tools that can be incorporated into any personal practice.



    Lailoken's Awen


    ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY SELL: Located in Thunder Bay, Canada, Lailoken's Awen was founded by Shawn Hebert. Shawn has been a practicing Druid and Wiccan for over 25 years, and is also a practitioner of the Golden Dawn system of magic. In his professional life he is a clinical aromatherapist and herbalist. 

    His introduction to the use of essential oils and herbs came with his first tentative steps on his Pagan path. He learned of their energetic properties and associations, and how to incorporate them into ritual and spell work. Nine years ago he began his education in aromatherapy and herbalism, and has studied extensively over the years not only their therapeutic properties, but also their energetic properties. As well as compounding blends based on their energetic properties, Lailoken takes the creation process one step further and utilizes the energies of the universe around us by creating each product on the appropriate day, during the appropriate hour, and even during the proper phase of the Moon and time of the year. This allows him to create the most potent, energetic products he can offer to you. 



    • TIME •

    The Samhain Box For Cunning Folk Alike

    We take pride in assembling each and every Sabbat Box by hand, no matter the amount of time it takes. We don't just throw your items inside a flat rate priority mail box like some other subscription box companies out there. We want your Sabbat Box to be delivered to you as beautifully as it left us, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to complete this task.

    This includes folding the boxes together, individually cutting each sheet of tissue paper by hand, weighing out the crinkle paper for each box, designing the flyers, coupons, stickers and brochures to be printed professionally by commercial printers, individually placing each item within their corresponding bags, individually assembling the boxes, individually packing the tissue paper within each box by hand and also putting together and creating product packing. This timeframe doesn't even include the efforts made to manage the Sabbat Box website, the back end billing system, social media management, customer service inquiries, accounting, marketing, purchasing, networking, and so on. This is a labor of love and we enjoy serving the community!

    We believe in what it is we are doing and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you can see that the purest of intent and utmost care goes into curating each Sabbat Box.


    2017 Samhain Sabbat Box Unboxing Video

    Don't forget to share your unboxing videos with us for Samhain here



    • The White Goddess - Celebrating Samhain: Article
    • Deeper into Samhain via the OBOD: Article
    • The History of Samhain: Article
    • A collection of Samhain Rituals via Witchy Words: Articles 
    • 7 Ways to celebrate Samhain: Video
    • Ravenstar's Witching Hour Special With Selena Fox on Samhain: Video

    We would like to thank each and every one of our suppliers, vendors, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, our members, for making Sabbat Box possible. This wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for our members. We hope to continue to serve the Pagan community at large and continue to provide you inspiration to celebrate The Wheel of the Year! Have a Blessed Samhain!

    Blessed Be,
    Llyfr & Hugh
    Founders of Sabbat Box

    Samhain Sabbat Box for 2017 - Blessed Samhain

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      Discover the 2017 Samhain Sabbat Box • For Cunning Folk Alike

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