About Sabbat Box

Subscription Box For Pagans Wiccans and Witches-Sabbat Box

Our mission at Sabbat Box is to provide you the best Pagan products to help aid you in your spiritual journey and continue to inspire you to live magically. Sabbat Box is made up of a community of Pagans who receive a special package, delivered in time, for each Sabbat, and is filled with specially curated products to help celebrate the Wheel of the Year and your own personal Pagan Path.

Our goal at Sabbat Box is to get you in that magical mood. You know the mood we are talking about. It is like that magical, enchanting feeling you get when the moon is full and her silvery gaze casts down upon you, illuminating your being. Its is like that bewitching feeling you have when you feel that magnetic connection to the Earth, as you are treading the circle round. Or like that alluring feeling you get when you ceremoniously light your sage and the intoxicating aroma from the dancing smoke makes its way past your nose, heightening your senses. Or that compelling awareness you have when are calling quarters and your hands start to tingle as you hail and welcome the elements to join you in your space. Being Pagans ourselves, we know this wondrous, otherworldly feeling that is bestowed upon us when working our craft so very well, and we wish to invoke that same magical mood within you each box you receive. The circle is open, join now to see what the Pagan Community is talking about and be part of the Sabbat Box circle. 

Sabbat Box isn't just about magical Pagan products delivered to you for each Sabbat, it is about serving the Pagan community. The foundation behind Sabbat Box was first started back in early 2014. The concept was originally thought of by Hugh Carey, the founder of Eclectic Artisans Pagan Marketplace. Hugh, a practicing Pagan himself, had been successfully supporting local Pagan vendors and artists from around the country with Eclectic Artisans since 2012 and wanted to find a broader way to help inspire the Pagan community as a whole. The idea of taking his vast experience and knowledge of Paganism and working with different Pagan vendors, suppliers, businesses and practitioners from around the world by providing a specially curated box of Pagan and Wiccan supplies that could help enrich and inspire one's spiritual practice seemed to be the perfect answer to inspire, thus Sabbat Box was born. Let Sabbat Box inspire you to live magically whilst celebrating the ebb and flow of the seasons. Everyone loves a surprise in the mail! Especially when that surprise box may include an assortment of unique Pagan supplies, spell supplies, altar supplies, ritual tools, tarot and divination products, crystals, gemstones, oils, herbs, incense, Pagan home decor and more!