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"The old crone hunches over her work, raising her hand. There is a flash of golden light, a reflection of the fire on a sharp pin. She plunges the pin into the small object she holds: a cloth effigy, its arms and legs splayed out. Just as the pin enters the cloth, across town, a man grabs his stomach, his face a mask of pain and terror. The old crone cackles, her wrath meted out in horrific precision!"

What is a Voodoo Doll - What is a Poppet?There are few practices of Paganism or witchcraft more widely known--and widely misinformed--to the outside world than the concept and use of “Voodoo dolls.” While the actual items named as such are predominately a myth of twentieth-century popular culture, there are numerous accounts of folk magic and witchcraft practitioners using what is better termed a poppet.

The term “poppet" actually comes from Middle English, with roots in the Latin word for girl or doll. The word puppet, which came later, also derives from this. The use of a poppet in modern Pagan practice is actually a method of sympathetic magic--having an item represent or correspond to another thing. A poppet, usually being “person-shaped”, often represents someone to whom the magickal working or spell is directed.

And while pop culture implies anything person shaped is purely for darkness and evil,Black Poppet - Sabbat Box
 that dreaded “voodoo doll”, the reality is poppets can represent any form of intent by its user, good or bad. Health, prosperity, protection, peace...all of these goals can correspond to the use of a poppet as well. Want to protect your loved one while they are away on travel? A poppet, filled with stones, herbs, or other materials that correspond to your goals and connect with that loved one can be a powerful form of directed will and intention. Worried about a coworker that has been causing strife or difficulties at your job? A poppet representing this person can be utilized to diminish or obstruct that person’s negative energies or intentions.

We have included a kit for making your own poppet within the 2016 Samhain Sabbat Box, and we hope we have helped to widen the understanding of this often-maligned Pagan practice. As Samhain is a time devoted for many Pagans as a devotion to those who have passed on and the wisdom of our ancestors, the poppet in the Sabbat Box can represent someone who you hold dear and wish to “hear from” in your everyday life, to remind you of the care they had for you, the wisdom they may have imparted, and the joy they brought to your life. It can also be used to draw in those spirits of the departed for protection. Whatever your intent may be, adding different methods of magick into your practice helps to broaden your knowledge of the craft and help further inspire you to work your craft in unique ways -- our main goal and objective here at Sabbat Box. 

No sharp pins necessary ;-)


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