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Eclectic Artisans LLC, (EA) is a fast growing privately owned family run internet retail company located in Pinellas Park, Florida. EA consists of two separate websites: an online retail + drop shipping site called Eclectic Artisans Pagan Marketplace (, and a subscription box service called Sabbat Box (

 Eclectic Artisans Pagan MarketplaceABOUT ECLECTIC ARTISANS (EA): Since 2012, Eclectic Artisans has become a trusted source worldwide for unique, quality, spiritual supplies that caters specifically to the metaphysical, new age, pagan and Wiccan communities. Eclectic Artisans is a multi-vendor drop ship marketplace consisting of over 4,000+ products. On top of drop shipping, EA also processes and ships a significant inventory held on premises as well.

Our mission at Eclectic Artisans is to continue to help assist our customers on their spiritual journeys by providing them with a wide selection of unique, high quality, affordable tools to incorporate into their spiritual practices; made available through a convenient and secure internet marketplace. Eclectic Artisans also strives to help support the community from within by working with and sourcing products from other small, pagan run businesses, vendors, artists and suppliers.


 Sabbat BoxABOUT SABBAT BOX: Sabbat Box is a niche subscription box service for Pagans that curates and ships a themed box of spiritual supplies to our members in time for each "Sabbat." (A sabbat is another name for each of the 8 seasonal holidays that many pagans recognize and celebrate). Sabbat Box was the very first business to take the subscription box concept and bring it to the niche audience of the pagan, Wiccan, new age and metaphysical communities. Sabbat Box has been curating and shipping subscription boxes to our members for over 3 years. Since our inception in 2015, Sabbat Box continues to be a frontrunner within the "earth-based/spiritual subscription box market," and continues to mold and shape the dynamic of this type of service, especially within our specific niche.

Our mission with Sabbat Box is to help each of our customers discover, learn, connect with, and grow their own form of spiritual practice, while providing tools and inspiration for them to do such, inside each box that we ship. Like our mission with Eclectic Artisans, Sabbat Box also strives to support our community from within by working with and purchasing products from small businesses, suppliers, vendors, artists and artisans in the Pagan community.  

Current Sabbat Box Job Openings





Are you looking for a part time job with flexible hours with a rapidly growing company? Are you tired of working for huge stuffy corporations where you feel like you are nothing but a number? Are you looking for a unique fast paced job with a variety of responsibilities? Does the idea of working for a small family run business appeal to you? Do you enjoy working in a small team? Do you have an interest in alternative or earth-based spirituality?  If so, we would love to have you apply!

With continuous growth over the past 6 years, the day to day workload at Eclectic Artisans has increased exponentially, and we are looking for the right candidate that can come in to help assist both of the owners of Eclectic Artisans LLC by taking on a variety of important office and clerical duties that coincide with running a busy online store and subscription box company.

As an E-commerce assistant, your primary responsibilities will be to handle customer service inquires, process and fulfill orders, assist with social media management/engagement, take product pictures/product photography, handle new product and inventory listings (adding new product listings to our websites), help with inventory and checking in new product, as well as help to keep both owners organized. When you aren't working on the above, you will be helping to assist with subscription box preparations and production, as well as other needed duties. 

This position would require you to work with and report directly to the two owners of the business. Depending on the candidate, their experience, and job performance, this position could possibly lead to full time as well as more responsibility, and potential promotion.

This position is perfect for someone who is open minded and doesn’t have an issue with a business that sells occult/Pagan products or working out of our home office, with a dog. If you would be uncomfortable working for a company that sells Wiccan, Pagan, or metaphysical supplies, this would not be the job for you. 


  • Customer service: Handling inbound customer service inquires from customers via e-mail, Zen Desk, contact us forms, and by phone. This also  includes assisting customers with answering questions pertaining to their orders, taking orders by phone, and answering questions about products and services offered. 
  • Order processing, packing and production: Assisting with the packing, processing, shipping and fulfillment of daily orders for both websites, as well as assisting with the production, packing and fulfillment of our subscription boxes. This also includes assisting with processing drop ship orders with "non inventory vendor products" and shipping orders using dedicated shipping software like Endicia and Ordoro.
  • Inventory assistant: Help check in, count and stock incoming inventory. This includes checking in product deliveries for accuracy/quality. 
  • Front end product assistant: Assisting with online, front end product additions to both websites. May also include content creation if candidate shows solid experience with doing such. 
  • Social media marketing: Creating and sharing content regarding our products and services while also engaging with our followers on social media. This also includes taking product photos specifically for social media.
  • Product photography and editing: If candidate has solid background and experience, candidate may take on some workload that includes such. 
  • Vendor outreach: Assist with reaching out to new vendors, partners and distributors.
  • Other workload: assisting the owner with other tasks and their workload as needed.


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong customer service experience (preferably in a retail or e-commmerce setting)
  • Retail, online store, or e-commerce experience
  • Order processing, fulfillment or "back end" order management
  • Proficiency with Excel and Numbers as well as Word and Pages
  • Data entry experience
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Strong computer skills. Must have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to learn various programs and software.
  • Strong grammar skills
  • Experience using a Mac
  • Social media marketing or management
  • Product photography experience 
  • Has the ability to learn and adapt very quickly
  • Someone who is extremely resourceful, organized and detailed oriented
  • Someone who has a "get shit done" type of attitude
  • Someone who is okay with working with or around occult supplies
  • Ability to pass a background check, credit check and drug test



This list of desired experience is not all required, but experience with one or more of the following would be a HUGE plus.

  • Experience or knowledge of the Shopify platform
  • Subscription box retail/industry
  • Experience with drop-shipping
  • Quickbooks for Mac/Quickbooks Online 
  • Graphic design experience with Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Social media marketing for a retail business
  • Product photography and editing, or photography in general
  • Product listing or retail content creation
  • Product sourcing/vendor outreach and contact
  • Purchasing (inventory purchasing)
  • Project Management
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Liquid knowledge 
  • SEO, and organic search marketing or internet marketing
  • Endicia, Ordoro, or similar shipping software experience
  • Evernote and/or similar project management applications
  • Working with a Mac
  • Zen Desk
  • Mail Chimp
  • Ordoro
  • Wufoo
  • Mac Mail
  • Duoplane
  • Google Analytics, Adwords or Adsense
  • Knowledge of the occult, paganism, pagan supplies, or earth-based spirituality

PLEASE NOTE: Eclectic Artisans LLC is an online store that sells pagan and occult related products. If you would feel uncomfortable working in such an environment, this may not be the best position for you.




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