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Sabbat Box Mabon Box Box Breakdown

Greetings Sabbat Box Members, 

Can you believe that Mabon is only a few days away? Wow has the time passed by so quickly. It just feels like yesterday that we where just shipping out the very first Sabbat Boxes for Beltane. As this is being written, Sabbat Boxes should be in the midst of being delivered to your homes.

As you will discover, we have included some really unique items within this Sabbat Box for Mabon. We wanted to include a variation of different items that would appeal to the celebration of Mabon as well as the home, the hearth and the harvest. Since Mabon is about the shifting change between light and dark as well as the harvest, we included items inside your box that will help you celebrate Mabon both magickally and mundanely. For many in the Northern Hemisphere, the start of autumn is a cherished time of year. Mother nature will share one last hoorah, with a spectacle of autumn color before she lays dormant during winter. The air starts to get cooler and we prepare ourselves for the coming of darkness of winter and the holiday seasons.

Below we have included a little more information about the items featured inside this Sabbat Box as well as more information about the companies who products where featured inside.

• We are currently at our maximum membership capacity at Sabbat Box. We have implemented a waiting list for those interested in joining when membership positions become available. Join the waiting list here

• HEY, do you or someone you know make a product that would appeal to the Pagan community? Are you looking to launch a product or get your product in front of a large audience? If so, lets talk! Sabbat Box is always looking for new vendors and suppliers that create unique items to feature inside an upcoming Sabbat Box. Sabbat Box is a great way for people to find out about you, your product or your company. Whether you are looking to advertise inside the box or wish to feature a product within a box, we would love to hear from you. Become a Sabbat Box Supplier/Advertiser today.


Mabon Rituals Recipes and Lore For The Autumn Equinox by Diana Rachel

ITEM 1: MABON BOOK.........$11.99

• WHAT: Mabon-Rituals, Recipes and Lore for The Autumn Equinox (part of Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials) 
Llewellyn Worldwide & Authored By Diana Rajchel
• WHERE CAN I GET IT?: You can purchase copies via the Sabbat Box Store or via Llewellyn.
• WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Llewellyn has been a trusted source for books on Paganism, Magick and New Age topics since 1901. This particular book features spells, recipes, lore, invocations, correspondences, crafts and rituals that will help to inspire you to celebrate Mabon in your own unique way.

Part of what we wish to do here at Sabbat Box is to provide further resources for our members pertaining to paganism, witchcraft and the Sabbats. The Sabbat Essentials series are wonderful resource books and will truly help you find inspiration on how to celebrate the Sabbat in your own special way. Some may say that these books are geared more towards beginners, but you would be surprised to read how much information is packed within these books, which is helpful for both seasoned practitioners as well as the novice! We decided to feature Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials books when we started Sabbat Box as this line of books is brand new to Llewellyn, (making them first edition prints) and they correlate perfectly with what Sabbat Box is all about. In fact, these first edition printings come out only a few weeks before we ship each Sabbat Box, which makes our members some of the first people to actually own and read them. The book’s author, Diana Rajchel, has written other books on Paganism, including her most recent book, "Divorcing A Real Witch," and has also contributed to many other popular Llewellyn publications

We believe that every Pagan can gain something from this collection of Mabon practices, or at least inspire you to try something new that you may not have thought to do before. You will find an array of fantastic information pertaining to Mabon/Autumnal Equinox, including plenty of rituals, spells and inspiration for your Mabon celebrations. 

An excerpt from the "Gratitude Prayer" on page 152.
God and Goddess, you who make the tides turn,
who shift the energies at the tilt of the earth,
we thank you for your kindness and abundance.
Let us remember you and remember each other
in the coming winter:
it is not just food and water that sustain us,
but the connection of heart to heart
that carries us through our winters.
We ask that you bless this meal
that we may carry the best possible blessings
and connection with one another
in the coming year!
Blessed be!

These books have been a great hit within the Sabbat Box community and we continue to plan on including the Sabbat Essentials series until Ostara of next that point we will have included each book from the Sabbat Essentials series within each Sabbat Box for the first year.


Phoenix Fire By Project Fey


 Phoenix Fire Color Changing Fire Powder
• WHO MAKES IT?: Project Fey - 
• WHERE CAN I GET IT?: The Sabbat Box store or at the Project Fey Website.
• WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Phoenix Fire by Project Fey will bring a mesmerizing display of dancing flames to your next ritual fire, with this all natural, non-toxic blend of color changing fire powder. It also can be used in combination with spell work or ritual to bring a new level of enchantment to your magick. 

Since the theme for the Mabon Sabbat Box was Home • Hearth • Harvest, we wanted to include something inside your box that would help you to connect with the hearth and further add a magickal element to your sacred fires. What better way to do so than with Phoenix Fire by Project Fey! Phoenix Fire (previously known as Fey's Magical Fire), is a unique blend of all natural, non toxic, earth friendly ingredients that will have your ritual fires dancing with vivid colors. It is safe to use on any types of fire including wood fires, fireplaces, campfires, cauldrons, and even large bonfires.  

Open your bag of Phoenix Fire. Sprinkle the contents into a lit fire (i.e. bonfire, campfire, cauldron fire, fireplace, etc). Watch the flames come alive with color. Each 1oz. bag lasts up to 45 minutes. 

It is quite common for witches, Pagans and covens to work magick or have rituals that take place around a fire, especially as the cooler weather approaches with Mabon and the start of autumn. Phoenix Fire will surely "liven up" your next ritual fire. One may wish to utilize Phoenix Fire powder in conjunction with various spell work, like color magick, fire scrying and fire magick. Phoenix Fire would be great to use as you cast circle and call upon the elements; upon each invocation sprinkling a bit of Phoenix Fire into the ritual fire. Phoenix Fire would also be great to use in conjunction with spell work that calls for the burning of a petition, parchment or piece of paper, as a form of sympathetic magick. Write out your spell or petition on a piece of paper or parchment, sprinkle the contents of the Phoenix Fire powder on the center of the paper. Then, fold the paper up around the powder, securing it within. Afterwards, you could seal the folded paper shut with a wax seal or stamp, a little glue or tape. When ready, throw your sealed paper within the fire. In essence, you are "releasing" the spell to the universe, in effort to manifest your intent. The fire powder will further add an enchanting display as your petition burns. *Use extreme caution when working with fire. Never leave a burning fire unattended. 

Handmade Books of Shadows By Project FeyProject Fey is a Pagan owned business, founded by Fey Wilde in Orlando, Florida. Amongst being a practicing witch for over 20 years, Fey is also a Pagan artist that creates gorgeous heirloom quality custom books of shadows, ritual tools and magical supplies, and is the creatrix of Phoenix Fire


Phoenix Fire By Project Fey


Blessed Herbal Affirmation Candle Spell Candle

ITEM 3: SPELL CANDLES.........$13.00

• WHAT: Hand Poured Home Blessing Affirmation Spell Candle 
• WHO MAKES IT?: Coventry Creations 
• WHERE CAN I GET IT?: You can purchase at the Sabbat Box Store or via Coventry Creations.
• WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Each spell candle from Coventry Creations is hand poured according to lunar phase and is made from high quality waxes and essential oils. They have a great burn time of 40 hours as well.

A common theme that coincides with Mabon (as well as the fall equinox), is working magick in reference to our home and sacred space. As the days start getting shorter and our families start coming together to celebrate the harvest season (be it Mabon or Thanksgiving), many pagans will aspire to start working magick to honor the home. A simple way to do so is via candle magick. Inside each Mabon Sabbat Box, you will see that we chose to include a hand poured Home Blessing Herbal Affirmation spell candle. Each candle comes with a home blessing and has a burn time of 40 hours. Coventry's Home Blessing candles are made with Rose and Myrrh essential oils, lending protective and loving correspondences to it. Burn your candle during ritual spell work, or burn your candle any time your family comes together to bring about a warm, welcoming ambiance. Coventry Creations has been serving the Pagan community for over 20 years and make their candles according to the proper astrological and moon phases. 

Myrrh: Myrrh was used all the way back in ancient Egypt. Myrrh is said to purify sacred space, lift vibrations and create a peaceful energy. Myrrh increases power and is commonly used for blessings.
• Rose: Rose is commonly used in magick for love, healing and happiness.

My true home resides within the center of myself. From this place, I energize and bless my surroundings, creating a warm and balanced home.


Gratitude Ritual Spell Powder By The Sacred Well

ITEM 4: MAGICAL POWDERS.........$3.50

• WHAT: 
Gratitude Ritual/Spell Powders
The Sacred Well • Distributed By Devera Gifts
You can purchase at the Sabbat Box Store, The Sacred Well or Devera Gifts.
These ritual powders are hand crafted with high quality components and have a plethora of ritual uses for witches and Pagans. 

Each bag of gratitude powder contains a handcrafted mixture of potent herbs and essential oils that are blended to help you manifest your magickal intent. Ritual powders are extremely versatile as well. The Sacred Well, owned by Yeshe Rabbit and Astro Barry, is a metaphysical store that was opened back in 2007. Located in Oakland California, the Sacred Well has been using their storefront as a place to bring the Pagan community together, as well as an outlet to sell their unique hand crafted magical supplies. The Sacred Well recently teamed up with, a distributor of phenomenal spiritual gifts and pagan supplies in order to make their ritual supplies available for purchase to everyone around the world. Devera Gifts is also the official source for Morning Glory and Oberon Zell's "Mythic Images Collection," which consists of their popular pagan statuary.  

• Dress spell candles with powders
• Burn powders on a charcoal disk as incense
• Add to a mojo bag or gris gris bag
• Use as a house sprinkle
• Place within an offering bowl
• Use as an offering to the divine
• Place within a poppet

There are many other ways one may wish to use ritual powders. If you use yours differently, share with us in the comments below!


Suns Eye Ritual Mist Sabbat Box


• WHAT IS IT: Sun's Eye Ritual Mist 2.0 oz
• WHO MAKES IT?: Sun's Eye
• WHERE CAN I GET IT?: The Sabbat Box Store or via Sun's Eye Store.
• WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Ritual mists are a quick, easy and aromatic way to cleanse and consecrate your home or sacred space. 

Sun's Eye is a extremely consistent with the quality they put into each of their product lines. One of the newest product lines to be featured by Sun's Eye are their ritual mists and sprays. Ritual Mists consists of a traditional blend of aromatic oils of citrus, rare spices and tropical flowers that have been hand blended together with pure water, in order to make a great smelling spray that has various applications of use. It is common amongst many to cleanse and consecrate one's sacred space prior to working magick, rituals, spells or mediation. Traditionally, cleansing and creating sacred space usually consists of a consecration (or cleansing) ritual. This ritual may include burning white sage and/or other sacred herbs, resins or incense. For some, the smoke may be too overpowering, and in some cases you may not be able to burn incense or sage...that is where Ritual Mists come in handy! With corresponding components to cleansing and consecration, Ritual Mists can take the place of burning herbs, incense or resins, which is convenient and accommodating! You may also wish to use ritual mists to switch up your typical routine. 

• Use to cleanse and consecrate sacred space
• Imbue your intent into the spray to anoint objects
• Use during home blessings to rid negative energies
• Use in conjunction with spell work
• Spray prior to meditation to lift vibration
• Use as a simple room spray to provide a pleasant scent  

There are many other ways to use Ritual Mists, both magickally and mundanely. Feel free to share some ideas about how you may use ritual mists via the comments below!

Check out some of our other ritual mists and liquid smudges


Pagan Jewelry - Sabbat Box

ITEM 6: PAGAN JEWELRY.........$8.00

Hand carved Pagan symbol Jewelry
WHO MAKES IT?: This is a handmade item imported from fair trade company.
WHERE CAN I GET IT?: The Sabbat Box Store.
WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: These beautiful, hand carved necklaces are great as ritual jewelry or to wear day to day.

One of the things we try to do at Sabbat Box is to offer various unique items inside each box. One of the other things we try to attempt to offer are items that appeal to you individually. From time to time, there will be items that we are able to taylor to your preference based on the information you specify to Sabbat Box when you sign up, leading to a specific item or product that will be specially suited for you. This was the case with our hand carved necklaces we featured inside this particular Sabbat Box. 

Each of these necklaces where hand carved and hand stained. Featured inside was a crescent moon, pentacle, triquetra, triple moon goddess, and a tree of life. Each necklace comes with a multi strand cord and a wooden fastener. 


Pagan Magic Stick Incense By Hem

ITEM 7: STICK INCENSE.........$2.49

Pagan Magic Stick Incense 
WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Via the Sabbat Box Store, or most metaphysical suppliers 
WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Great quality incense always adds an enchanting level to any ritual, meditation or spell work. 

A common item we like to feature within Sabbat Box are things that will help invoke your senses. Pagan Magic incense by Hem are hand rolled incense made with high quality herbs, essential oils and resins. Hem has become one of the most popular incense companies around the world because of the quality of their product. They offer a slow, clean burning incense with a variety of different scents to choose from in their product lines.

We chose to feature Pagan Magic incense within the Mabon Sabbat Box because their scent truly embraces the coming of Autumn. They have a fruity yet earthy resin-like aroma and would pair nicely with your Mabon rituals. Each pack of Pagan Magic incense comes with 20 sticks, which is more then plenty to facilitate your magical sabbat workings. 


Mabon Sabbat Box

PACKING & SHIPPING: Part of the costs of your box include the box and the packing material itself. The items listed below account for a good portion of the overall costs for the Mabon Box. Each Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Sabbat Box is lined with paper padding and wrapping to add to the surprise of what we’ve curated for you. Shipping is included in the total price. The average cost to ship the Mabon Box was roughly $8.00. With that being said, we here at Sabbat Box wish to be as environmentally friendly that we can be and do our best to source packing supplies and material from companies that have the same beliefs we do, in that we want to make as little of an impact as possible on the environment.

BOXES: Your boxes where made from high quality corrugated paper and are 100% recyclable. Try to find another use for your box. They are 9x9x3 on the inside. You could decorate your box to hold some magical supplies or use it to again to ship something to someone or save it for another time when you may need it. If you dispose of it, try to recycle it.

BROCHURE & COUPONS: Your brochures are printed on 100% recyclable 16pt paper, which is sourced from sustainable forests. They are ECF (elemental chlorine free), helping to have less of an impact on the environment.

TISSUE PAPER & FILLING: The orange tissue paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable. The filling is made from scraps of recycled "maroon" eco fill paper and is biodegradable.

STICKERS: The stickers found within your boxes where printed on vinyl with a gloss laminate.


Sabbat Box Coupons


Devera Gifts Sabbat BoxPart of our goal is to provide a number of items to our members at a value far above what individuals can purchase on their own. When you add up all of the items inside your Mabon Sabbat Box, as well as costs for shipping and packaging, you are saving over $18.47 with your Mabon Sabbat Box. We believe this to be another good reason to be a member. Also, each box we create helps to support Pagan run businesses and their employees. Sabbat Box looks forward to continuing to stay within our mission to work with other Pagan businesses to supply products for each box.

Coupons are another great feature you will find within Sabbat Boxes. Coupons just add to the overall value of your box and are not included in the "total savings" specified on your information sheet/brochure. This Mabon box included two coupons, one for (seen above) and one from the Sabbat Box store. Be sure to check out Devera Gifts, as they offer quite an array of magical products, plus you get to save 10% on your next purchase, which will come in handy around the holidays.

• Total MSRP of items inside: $50.47 

• Total Savings on this box: $10.52 
• Total Shipping Savings: $7.95
• Grand Total In Savings: $18.47 

~Our members helped to support 6 Pagan run businesses with their Sabbat Box membership! Unlike some subscription boxes (that only use their own products inside each of their boxes), we work with other Pagans and Pagan owned businesses within the community to purchase and supply the items featured within our boxes. In the end, we want to help the community grow and share our business with companies that share our same values and standards. 
Mabon Sabbat Box

We take pride in assembling each and every Sabbat Box by hand, no matter the amount of time it takes. We don't just throw your items inside a flat rate priority mail box like some other subscription boxes out there. We want your Sabbat Box to be delivered to you as beautifully as it left us, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to complete this task.

This includes folding the boxes together, individually cutting each sheet of tissue paper by hand, weighing out the filler for each box, designing the flyers, coupons, stickers and brochures to be printed professionally by the printers, individually placing each candle within a bag, individually assembling the boxes, individually packing the tissue paper within each box by hand, taping each and every box by hand as well as individually printing each and every shipping label and sticking them to your boxes too. This timeframe doesn't even include the efforts made to manage the website, the back end billing system, social media management, customer service inquiries, accounting, marketing, purchasing, and so on.

We really do believe in what it is we are doing and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you can see that the purest of intent and utmost care goes into curating your Sabbat Box.


Mabon Sabbat Box Unboxing Video


Witchy Words Pagan Blog


A fantastic Pagan blog with a real world perspective on Paganism. Witchy Words offers readers a glimpse into the life of its Pagan author Marietta, who shares with you her personal journey regarding paganism and witchcraft, as well as stunning imagery to coincide with each blog entry. The images and pictures of her altars, a favorite by many, is enough alone to inspire your inner Pagan to celebrate the Sabbats! Join Marietta over at Witchy Words and you too will find inspiration to help you further lead a magical life.


Down At The Crossroads Pagan Podcast By Chris Orapello
 Down at the Crossroads (DatC for short) is a Pagan Podcast that features one on one interviews and discussions with today’s most influential Pagan artists, authors, musicians, teachers, leaders, bloggers, podcasters, and more!  The conversations are sure to be inspiring, insightful, entertaining, and always engaging.  We will attempt to push the community forward and take devil’s advocate to a whole new level.  Exploring topics that will turn the Pagan community on its head in an attempt to gain a new perspective on life, all while hearing some great music by today’s greatest Pagan and Pagan inspired musicians and bands.  Down at the Crossroads is where today’s Paganism crosses paths with the world! 


We thank each and every one of our suppliers, vendors, customers and MOST IMPORTANTLY our members for making this possible. This wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for our members. We really do look forward to shipping out the next boxes for Samhain. We also have so much more in the works here at Sabbat Box and continue to strive to make Sabbat Box the premier subscription box for Pagans. We look forward to continuing to serve the Pagan community at large. Blessed Sabbat! 

Blessed Be, 

Llyfer & Hugh
Founders of Sabbat Box & Eclectic Artisans LLC

Mabon • Autumnal Equinox Sabbat Box Theme Release 1

• Mabon - Autumnal Equinox Sabbat Box Theme •

Mabon Sabbat Box Theme Release

A stag disappears into the high grass field as the sun bows to the west. As you head back toward the house, you smell a fire burning—a musky fragrance that wafts through the cooling dusky air—and then it happens: You feel that first hint of autumn, a slivered yellow moon rising in the darkening east. You hurry back toward home, a simmering dinner waiting for you on the fire. You start to notice that the veil of the night becoming equivalent to that of the day, Mabon is near~

As the sun's light starts to wane and we approach the autumnal equinox, we here at Sabbat Box are gearing up for our next shipment for Mabon. With that being said, it is time to announce Sabbat Box’s theme for Mabon: "Home, Hearth, Harvest."

This stop on the Wheel of the Year is about the abundance of the second harvest! This is the time of the year where we really start to obtain and enjoy all of the fruits of our labor and reflect on the bounty in our lives. Gratitude and appreciation for the good things of life are in order of this time of year, but it’s also an opportunity to start thinking about what we have yet to accomplish and where we want to focus our energy when “planting time” comes ‘round again. Some may consider Mabon and the second harvest "Pagan Thanksgiving," being that the two celebrations are similar in nature. Late September is the time of the year where mother nature bears her final gifts as a means for us to get through the coming cold, but not without first giving us a final feast for our eyes with the seasonal changes of fall colors. We also celebrate the Sabbat of Mabon in conjunction with the Autumnal Equinox -- the day where light and darkness are equal. An important magickal facet of the equinox is the resemblance of duality and balance; duality and balance as found in ourselves, nature and the universe.  

Mabon Sabbat Box Autumnal EquinoxWe have started to curate some really fantastic items to be featured in the Mabon Box that will help our members celebrate the equinox as well as represent the home, hearth and harvest. Since the key to Mabon’s significance is abundance and gratuity, we’re loading up our next Sabbat Box with all kinds of unique and creative additions that will help inspire you and add to whatever you’re planning for your big harvest celebration. Whether it is at your circle, your altar, or just around your home, we believe our supply of Sabbat Box goodies will bring a little magick to your observance of this wonderful time of plenty.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Sabbat Box, we recently had to implement a waiting list for new perspective members. For those of you not yet able to join Sabbat Box and are on our waiting list, please know that we are working as diligently as possible to expand the Sabbat Box circle in order to further expand and allow for new members to join. We sincerely thank all of you for your support and we hope that we can continue to provide helpful, meaningful additions to your Pagan path. 

Blessed Be,
Llyfr & Hugh