How Sabbat Box Works

Sabbat Box Wiccan SuppliesStep One: The concept for Sabbat Box is similar to other subscription box services out there. First, you sign up to join Sabbat Box. Pick a plan that is best for you. We offer "Sabbat to Sabbat plans" (your membership is renewed box to box), "Half Wheel Plans" (your membership renews every 4 boxes), or a "Wheel of the Year Plan" (your membership renews every 8 boxes). Save money by purchasing a Half Wheel plan or Wheel of the Year Plan.

Wiccan Subscription Box Sabbat BoxStep Two: After you sign up for Sabbat Box, our team of curators will search for unique Pagan products to include within your box. Each box will contain an assortment of items, approximately 4-7 products (sometimes more), that are themed around each Sabbat. Sabbat Box is a service created by Pagans, for Pagans. Our curators have vast experience within the Pagan marketplace and will find the best items that will surely inspire you to live magically and further enrich your spiritual/magical practices.

Subscription Boxes for Pagans and WiccansStep Three: Sabbat Box will ship your specially curated box directly to you so you have it in time before each Sabbat. In fact, we schedule our boxes in a way that you will receive it 7-10 days before each Sabbat. This will give you plenty of time to discover the items within your Sabbat Box and put them to use how you wish. After you receive your box, you have the option of doing an unboxing video and share the video with us to get entered in to win our Super Sabbat Box Giveaway! Each Super Sabbat Giveaway Box is filled with even more magical products. We give one away each sabbat to Sabbat Box members!

Curated Subscription Box For Pagans and Wiccans           Subscription Box for Wiccans and Pagans           Sabbat Box Wiccan Supplies Subscription Box

By being a member of Sabbat Box, you will discover unique Pagan products to inspire you to celebrate the Wheel of the Year while helping to further enrich your spiritual path.

Assortment of items that you may find within your Sabbat Box are; spell supplies, spell candles, ritual tools, altar supplies, books on Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism, crystals and gemstones, incense, tarot cards/runes/divination items, herbs, Pagan/witchy home decor, kitchen witch products, Pagan/new age themed bath and body products, and much, much more! Each box will contain 4-7 products (sometimes more), as well as an informational guide for the products included and information about the Sabbat. SEE PREVIOUSLY SHIPPED BOXES HERE 

What exactly is Sabbat Box?
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