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Beltane Sabbat Box Theme - Earth's Instinct - 2016

Beltane, as many know, is the point on the Wheel of the Year between the equinox of spring and the solstice of summer. It observes the midpoint in a period of growth, production, and increase. Half of the planet (the Northern Hemisphere) now brings forth new life, new opportunities, new creation, while the Southern Hemisphere prepares to embrace the darkness about to come. What is most amazing about this time is not the phenomenon; it’s that this happens almost automatically. 

The theme for this Beltane’s Sabbat Box for 2016 is Earth’s Instinct: the natural inclination for the nature, and the world around us to come back to come back to life and to come together to create new life as well. Wildflowers grow where no human lives or works. Birds fill the skies with their new hatchlings almost by magic. Trees gain their leaves, flower, and spread their seed for whole new forests to form, providing new homes for other life that goes about without any interference from us as humans. Also, in nature, this is the time of year where the masculine and the feminine combine, as instinct would have, in order to bring about this new life. In reference to magick, ritual or spell work, Beltane marks a time of the year where one may wish to work fertility magick, love spells/magick as well as prosperity magick and to give into your lustful desires or instincts, if only for one day. 

Earth's Instinct - Beltane Sabbat Box 2016 Though we live in the Northern Hemisphere and have started to celebrate the return of the sun since Imbolc, our Earth as a whole -- between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, lives in perpetual duality. What that means is, when looking at the Wheel of the Year, one is able to see that Beltane and Samhain occur at the half-way points, as we travel through the Wheel of the Year. With that being said, some believe that similarly with Samhain, "the veil," (the veil between the our world and the afterlife) is equally as thin on Beltane as it is on Samhain, making this is great time to include some ancestral workings or magick into your Beltane celebrations as well. Make an offering for your ancestors, family members that have passed or those who came before you. Though it may saddening, part of Earth's and nature's instinct is to bring about new life, and with that same natural force of life, comes death. Both serve a purpose to our existence and both are relative to the celebration of Beltane. 

As you celebrate May Day this year, take a moment to realize how little say we have in what Nature generates for our benefit. Understand that much of the realm outside your door is forging ahead without any need for us to do anything other than observe and appreciate. As we face our daily life’s obstacles, we also need to acknowledge what the earth—without toil or effort—offers us free of charge. Revel in the view from a river’s edge, a mountain’s glade, or an ocean’s shore. We didn’t build it, but we can cherish it. And we count on the world’s life-producing instinct to, in turn, breathe new life into us as well.


Beltane Sabbat Box - Earth's Instinct