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Boxes ship: 6/7 ~ The year is almost half over…where has it gone? The Wheel of the Year, however, is also moving swiftly toward Midsummer. As we approach the longest day of our calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, our hearts and minds turn to the light and energy of the season and the opportunity for growth and increase. Could a successful harvest of all of our work be around the corner? Are the seeds we planted in our lives going to bear out to a bountiful return? If the bright long days are an indicator of success, then we are on the right path!!

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Purchase A One Time Sabbat Box Here

Midsummer/Saint John's Day bonfire with festivities in front of a Christian Midsummer (June 21st this year for us in the northern hemisphere) is the celebration of the summer solstice; the time when the daylight is longest, and nights the shortest. More technically speaking, the summer solstice occurs when one of the earth's poles is tilted closest to the sun. As the summer solstice occurs in one hemisphere, the winter solstice will occur simultaneously in the opposite hemisphere. As the year waxes forward after the winter solstice occurs, so does the light of the sun, and since the earliest of times, these celestial events played extremely important roles within many cultures around the world and helped to shape a diverse range of legend, lore and spiritual practices, some of which may be lost to time, others still present to modern day.

If you look back far enough throughout the history of religion and spirituality as practiced by us sentient beings, you will eventually find that many of the world's spiritual practices and worship had similar origins...many started out as a religion of the Sun and Moon. When one thinks about it, it makes total sense. From our most primitive times as a species, when day to day survival was of the utmost importance, the presence of day and night had a major impact in our efforts to survive, so we started to track the journey of the sun and moon -- literally for the sake of our lives. The sun and moon is where the essence of life and death resided. With each morning's rise of the sun, all that was asleep the night before was awaken and sprung back to life, shedding a light on the unseen dangers that lurked within the veil of darkness. With each rise of the sun during the waxing part of the year also came with it warmth, growth, and the renewal of life. This fiery, life giving energy ended up transforming itself into a myriad of symbolic archetypes that paved way to the foundation of belief systems where deities of the sun were recognized, and were also given that same power to bare life and deliver death as well. 

Solar DeitiesThese archetypes grew greater in influence over time, and soon we as a people were building places of worship for these symbolic figures, many of which were constructed to coincide with the very movements of the sun, lining up in perfect precision on special celestial events such as the solstices and equinoxes. The very fact that these feats were able to be achieved during more primitive times for humanity is astonishing in and of itself, and further goes to show how significant it was for our ancestors to connect with the all mighty, life giving sun.

This year’s Midsummer Sabbat Box is all about tapping into the fiery solar energy of the sun, in the same way our ancestors would attempt to draw in and connect with the power of the life giver itself on the summer solstice. We have worked hard to curate a collection of items that will help inspire one to work with that vibrant solar energy of the solstice. The items inside will also aid in assisting one to focus on drawing in the light of the divine and embracing it within our practices and within our lives. By embracing this light we pave a way to help balance the unbalanced and move forward from the stagnant, and give birth to desires we have deep within. The path work done during this time is open and can be “seen” like no other time of the Wheel. It is a time to recognize the importance of this intense solar energy while also having faith that what we have started will bring about a successful finish, and that the natural cycles of light and dark will continue.

The Greenman
The Holly King and the Oak King


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