Samhain 2017 Sabbat Box Theme Release • The Samhain Box - For Cunning Folk Alike

Samhain Sabbat Box Theme for 2017 - The Samhain Box For Cunning Folk Alike


Dusk envelops the oranges and reds of decaying leaves; bony trunks and branches blacken against a purpling sky. There are sounds on the forest floor...echoes of unseen things that instill uncertainty, maybe fear. The path becomes hazy, the course forward misted in damp and shadow. The veil of night soon takes us all, and we may sometimes struggle to find our way. As the Wheel turns to the end of one year and the beginning of the next, as the plunge into winter lies just over the horizon and darkness begins to reign, the way forward many not be so clear. Though the coming season make be dark, the light within us will always shine to lead the way.

Samhain Sabbat Box Theme Release - The Samhain Box - For Cunning Folk AlikeFor this year’s Samhain Sabbat Box, we have turned our focus on curating a variety of items that may shine a light on the season's darkening path--light not from the sky, but from ourselves. Since the magick and celebration of Samhain is versatile, and its significance often greater for most, we wanted to make sure that the items found within our flagship box were equally versatile in their use. On top of versatility, we have also curated items that go specifically hand in hand with this sabbat in particular, tools to aid with parting the veil, divination work, working with spirit guides, our higher selves, and more.

It is during "summer's end"...on All Hallow's Eve, and the witches' new year, that we start to embrace the coming darkness. As the veil between the living and the dead fades, we call upon our ancestors and those who came before us, to guide us in the coming months, while honoring them during our rites. We honor the Earth for the final fruit that she bears, and reflect upon the sacrifices we had to make to get to where we are, while prepping for the future. Though the future for certain may be unknown, and questions may arise, we as cunning folk use this time to work divination in effort to seek what may be coming our way.

Samhain Sabbat Box - Witch Subscription Box - Wiccan Subscription Box

When we as practitioners are presented with questions, or head into the unknown, we put our magick to the test, attempting to find the answers we need with divination, and we proceed to manifest the outcomes we desire with our own magickal pursuits. Divination is a practice that helps us to see our way forward as well as see where we have been. We use divinatory tools to intuit our place and get our bearings of where we are on our path; it is a means to understand the conditions that surround us, to help us make choices that will bring light and life our way, despite the darkness or negativity that can sometimes surround us.

We hope the items we have curated this year for Samhain bring you light to shine in dark places, to scare away the shadows of uncertainty and bring to focus your own still voice (or the voices of the guides within you) as a way forward through the winter season. We are hopeful that the new "witches' year" will be ever brighter and kinder and that your steps will be sure-footed and sound. Samhain, the witches' new year, is when the veil is thinnest, and we could think of no better way to take advantage of this time than to get in touch with the unspoken, the unaware, the unknown. Whether you look toward your ancestors, your gods, or just yourself, we at Sabbat Box hope this collection of items may help you best connect with the sabbat, while illuminating your magickal path.



The 2017 Samhain Sabbat Box

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