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The Crystal Box - Beltane Sabbat Box For 2017

Hail and Welcome, Sabbat Box Members and Friends!

Beltane is here, which means its time to enjoy the increase of life and verdant spaces. The greenery is returning, the animals are multiplying, the air is warm and inviting. The Wheel of the Year has turned once again, and the sun is now spending more and more time above the horizon for longer days and bringing with it higher temperatures. For many, this is a very welcomed season of the year, especially after a harsh winter.

This Beltane we at Sabbat Box decided it would be a unique change of pace for us to focus on one of the most cherished and beloved spiritual tools as inspiration for this box: the crystal. While the focus on crystals in Paganism may be fairly new to some, many people with different spiritual backgrounds are able to appreciate and connect with the beauty and perceived power of these shining earthly gifts, and for some, incorporate them into their spiritual practices, and in different ways. 

We have curated a beautiful collection of products for the Beltane box that is completely centered around the use and significance of crystals. Everything inside this box is either....

1. Made with crystals
2. Made to be used with crystals
3. Actually made of crystals.

This is also our two year anniversary Sabbat Box, and many of you have been asking for a crystal themed box, so we decided to make this box happen, and we chose to celebrate our two year anniversary box with your special requests. We truly hope you both enjoy and can incorporate these crystal themed supplies into your own practice.

  • As some of you may know, as of now we are currently at our maximum membership capacity at Sabbat Box. We have implemented a waiting list for those interested in joining when membership positions become available. You can join the waiting list here
  • Do you or someone you know make a product that would appeal to the Pagan community? Are you looking to launch a product or get your product in front of a large audience? If so, lets talk! Sabbat Box is always looking for new vendors and suppliers that create unique items to feature inside an upcoming Sabbat Box. Sabbat Box is a great way for people to find out about you, your product or your company. Whether you are looking to advertise inside the box or wish to feature a product within a box, we would love to hear from you. Register to become a Sabbat Box Supplier/Advertiser today.


    The Crystal Box - Sabbat Box For Beltane

    All of the items that we curated for you inside this box correspond with -or- may help assist you with the following forms of magick:

    • Crystal Magick
    • Meditation
    • Crystal Spells
    • Manifestation
    • Learning about crystals and their properties
    • Incorporating crystals into your practices

    Since the very first Sabbat Box shipment that went out to our members back on Beltane of 2015, we have curated the majority of our boxes to coincide with the general themes of the Sabbats. We have worked hard to include invaluable resources, information, books, ritual tools, spell supplies, as well as other magickal products within our boxes, in order to help you further connect with your spiritual practice each Sabbat, and to help you connect with the very essence of the seasons. Since we have greatly connected with the broad themes of the Sabbats over the past two years, we decided that going forward, when it comes to curating products for some of our future boxes, we will be narrowing in on more specific magickal themes (as they may relate to a particular sabbat), in lieu of just the Sabbat in general. This approach to the themes of our boxes allows us to dive a little deeper into more specific magickal intent, influences, spiritual workings and product themes.

    For our two year anniversary box, we decided to curate a special collection of items that focuses in on crystals, working with crystal energies, and incorporating crystals into your spiritual practices. Beltane is often represented as a time of manifestation, growth, and the coming together of the feminine and the masculine in nature. The crystal themed items within this box were curated to allow you to easily incorporate the use of crystals, (and their energies), into your various magickal workings, including the celebration of Beltane. Crystals are versatile tools that can assist us with various forms of magick, and are great for further enhancing our overall practices.


    Crystal Grid Kit With Moon Phases - Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

    ITEM 1: CRYSTAL GRID.........$14.95
    • WHAT:
    Custom Made Seed of Life Crystal Grid w/Moon Phases and Instructions
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Alaska Laser Maid 
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: The Sabbat Box Store or request a custom order at Alaska Laser Maid
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: This crystal grid is a beautiful way to focus and create crystal arrangements, and is an easy tool that allows you to incorporate crystals into your spiritual practice.

    When it comes to working magick, the basic premise behind it is the same for the majority of people: it all boils down to one’s will and intent. Since this Sabbat Box was about learning how to incorporate different facets of crystal energy and crystal magick into your spiritual practice, we went ahead and designed these gorgeous “Seed of Life” crystal grids to be included within your boxes, and commissioned Deborah, the owner and artist of Alaska Laser Maid to make them, to help aid you with manifesting your intent. The Seed of life represents creation, growth and prosperity, all of which are common forms of magick to work during Beltane. 

    It is believed that one is able to channel and hone specific vibrational energies (in order to bring about a specific result) by using a combination of both sacred geometry and crystals in a specific arrangement...This is known as a “crystal grid." Using a crystal grid is an easy way to incorporate both crystals, and sacred geometry into your spiritual practice. We thought by including crystal grids inside this box that it would make for a unique way to have our members become acquainted with crystals (if you don't already use them within your practice), and to help you further connect with crystals if you already do work them.

    Each crystal grid featured inside the Beltane Box comes with:
    1 x 5 inch, custom-made “seed of life” grid with moon phases on the perimeter (made from Alaskan cedar)
    1 x Instructional how to guide, printed on parchment
    1 x Deep purple keepsake organza bag.

    Deborah Ross, the owner of Alaska Laser Maid, is known for her intricate laser etched designs. Deborah uses a 35 watt C02 laser to create her work. She also sources the wood used in her projects from a family owned mill in Alaska. She sands and finishes all of the wood herself as well. Deb sells breathtaking laser etched wooden rune sets, laser etched wooden Ogham sets, geomancy sticks, intricate tarot boxes, cedar incense boxes and more! Alaska Laser Maid is also able to do custom work too! Visit her Etsy shop and see for yourself. 


    House of Good Juju Aura Cleansing Mist

    ITEM 2: AURA CLEANSING MIST.........$12.00
    • WHAT:
     Aura Cleansing Mist with Quartz, Fluorite, and Amethyst
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    House of Good Juju
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at House of Good Juju or the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: This clean, pleasantly-scented spray mist makes for a fragrant way to help clear and cleanse your aura from negativity and perceived attachments with the help of crystal magick.

    There are countless ways to work with crystals to draw forth their influences to assist us, and this beautiful crystal infused mist from House of Good Juju is specifically meant to assist with cleansing a part of ourselves that is important in both our spiritual workings and the mundane world around us--our aura.

    The aura influences people’s first impressions of us, sending subconscious signals to those around us. It acts as like our own personal “spiritual signature.” And just like with other parts of ourselves, our auras can become unbalanced. This spray was made to help restore it. Spray in the vicinity of your person and if needed lightly walk through the mist once it has been sprayed upwardly. Each spray is created and ritually charged during a new moon, and is blessed with a specific mantra, adding to its potency.


    • Cypress essential oil
    • Lavender essential oil
    • Lemongrass essential oil
    • Grapefruit essential oil
    • Cedar essential oil
    • Rosemary essential oil
    • Agrimony
    • Cypress leaves
    • Lavender
    • Lemongrass
    • Spring water
    • High grade vodka

    Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Fluorite.

    Located in Utah, House of Good Juju was started by Kimmy, an intuitive, healer, and root worker. House of Good Juju sells quality metaphysical supplies, and specializes in crystal candles, aura mists and even encourages custom orders. Items are crafted in the appropriate moon cycle and day of the week depending on intent. Special attention to all the details required to make each item Spiritually potent and Energetically charged. Everything is infused with Magick, Blessings, Love, Light, and Good JuJu!


    Sabbat Box Crystal Intention Necklaces

    ITEM 3: CRYSTAL NECKLACES..........$13.95
    • WHAT:
     Crystal Intention Necklace Kits
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Produced by Sabbat Box
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: These necklaces are a beautiful way to keep a crystal close to you all day.

    Our crystal point necklaces are a beautiful piece of jewelry for anyone looking to connect with the corresponding properties of a specific crystal, or for those who just simply appreciate the beauty of crystals.

    Each special crystal necklace kits come with:  
    1 x Adjustable 24” fabric cord with a lobster clasp,
    1 x Hand-stamped cotton muslin keepsake bag
    1 x One of seven crystal point pendants with a stainless steel bezel
    1 x Corresponding crystal info card

    There were seven different necklace types you could have received
    Amethyst, aventurine, black onyx, lapis, malachite, quartz, and tiger’s eye were among the selections. These crystal necklaces were chosen for Sabbat Box to help one connect with their specific corresponding properties, and what better way to manifest those properties than by wearing the crystal itself?


    Carnelian Infused Ritual Oil By Sun's Eye

    ITEM 4: RITUAL OIL..........$7.95
    • WHAT:
     Gem Scents Carnelian Ritual Anointing Oil
    • WHO MAKES IT?: Sun's Eye
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at Sun's Eye and the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: The high-quality oil blend from Sun’s Eye is a wonderfully smelling ritual oil imbued with the energies associated with carnelian. 

    This potent ritual anointing oil by Sun’s Eye draws in both the sensual energies associated with lily and musk and the energizing vibrations associated with Carnelian, making this an ideal ritual anointing oil to use in combination with your Beltane celebrations and seasonal magickal workings. This ritual oil can be used to anoint magickal objects, such as spell candles or ritual tools, and can also be used to anoint people too. Beltane is the sabbat commonly most associated with love and sensuality, since it is the Sabbat representative of the Masculine and the Feminine coming together. This oil would be great to use in love spells, or to manifest love in general..


    Healing Crystals Crystal Information Cards and Oracle Deck Number 1

    ITEM 5: CRYSTAL DECK.........$6.95
    • WHAT: 
    Healing Crystals Information Cards & Oracle Deck (Deck #1 of 3)
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Healing Crystals
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at Healing Crystals or Sabbat Box
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: This colorful deck provides an enjoyable way to study the many different crystals used in spiritual and energy work and to learn their correspondences and uses. It can also double as an oracle deck and infuse the power of crystals into your divinatory practice.

    These beautiful crystal information cards/oracle decks are an invaluable tool for anyone who works with crystals. Each deck includes 47 info cards with the name and picture of each crystal, three metaphysical attributes, an affirmation for each crystal, as well as its corresponding chakra info, stone family, and crystal system of each stone displayed on the cards. Each deck can be used as an affirmation oracle as well, and comes with 8 individual instruction guide cards to get you started.


    Clear Quartz Crystal Points And Stone Set

    ITEM 6: QUARTZ COLLECTION...............$7.00
    • WHAT:
     6 Quartz Points & Crystal Quartz Tumbled Stone Set
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Sourced via Eclectic Artisans
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: Included in the Sabbat Box as an accompaniment to the Seed of Life Crystal Grid, this set of clear quartz crystals can stand in for any myriad of intents and correspondences.

    We specifically chose this collection of quartz to use with a crystal grid, as it is common practice to use crystal points with grids. The great thing about quartz, though, is that it is considered a “universal stone,” meaning that it can, in essence, be used for various intents (giving the user the flexibility for these stones to aid any magickal or ritual practices) when not using them for a crystal grid. Quartz is also said to be a stone that aids in clarity, purification, and some even use it to cleanse other stones or tools.


    The Crystal Box Beltane Sabbat Box For 2017

    PACKING & SHIPPING: Part of the costs of your box include the box and the packing material itself. The items listed below account for a good portion of the overall costs for the Beltane Sabbat Boxes. Each Beltane Sabbat Box is lined with paper padding and wrapping to add to the surprise of what we’ve curated for you. Shipping is also included in the total price. The cost to ship boxes is roughly $9.00. With that being said, we here at Sabbat Box wish to be as environmentally friendly that we can be and do our best to source packing supplies and material from companies that have the same beliefs we do, in that we want to make as little of an impact as possible on the environment, while also keeping the content of your boxes safe as they make their journey to you. 

    BOXES: Your boxes where made from high quality corrugated paper and are 100% recyclable. Try to find another use for your box. They are 9x9x3 on the inside. You could decorate your box to hold some magical supplies or use it again to ship something to someone or save it for another time when you may need it. If you have to get rid of it, please try to recycle it.

    BROCHURES: Your brochures are printed on recyclable 16pt paper, which is sourced from sustainable forests.

    TISSUE PAPER & FILLING: The black tissue paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable. The black colored filler inside each box is made from scraps of recycled colored crinkle paper and is biodegradable.

    STICKERS: The stickers found within your boxes where printed on vinyl with a gloss laminate.


    Ostara Sabbat Box Savings

    Part of our goal is to provide a number of items to our members at a value far above what individuals can purchase on their own. When you add up all of the items inside your Beltane Sabbat Box, as well as costs for shipping and packaging, you are saving over $25.00. We believe this to be another good reason to be a member. Also, each box we create helps to support Pagan run businesses and their employees. Sabbat Box looks forward to continuing to stay within our mission to work with other Pagan businesses to supply products for each box.

    • Total MSRP of items inside: $62.80 

    • Total Savings on this box: $16.85 
    • Total Shipping Savings: $9.00 
    • Grand Total In Savings: $25.85 

    Our members helped to support 6 small/Pagan run businesses with their Sabbat Box membership! We work with other Pagans and Pagan owned businesses within the community to purchase, curate and supply the items featured within our boxes. In the end, we want to help the community grow and share our business with companies that share our same values and standards.


    House of Good Juju


    ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY SELL: Kimmie, the owner and creatress of House of Good Juju is a purveyor of Good JuJu and Positive Inspirations. Kimmi is an intuitive, moon oracle, dreamer, mystic healer, and herb/root worker. She hopes to bring illumination and good intent into your world through her products.

    Located in Utah, House of Good Juju offers positive mystiques for you and your home!  Offering everything to cleanse, bless, protect, and bring abundance to your space! Custom orders are both encouraged and welcomed.

    All items are crafted with Positive Intent. Always conjured with white light and crafted when the moon is right! Shop talismans, JuJu bags, crystal candles, aura mists, home blessing and protection kits, abundance bags, and offerings to inspire positive change.

    This shop thrives upon good juju and a "harm no one" attitude. All items are made with inspiration from the Gods, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors with gratitude. Items are crafted in the appropriate moon cycle and day of the week depending on intent. Special attention to all the details required to make each item Spiritually potent and Energetically charged. Everything is infused with Magick, Blessings, Love, Light, and Good JuJu!


    Alaska Laser Maid - Runes - Oghams - Tarot


    ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY SELL: Deborah Ross, the owner of Alaska Laser Maid  is known for her intricate and detailed laser engraving and laser etchings. Located in Alaska, Deborah creates beautiful wooden rune sets, Ogham sets, tarot boxes, divination tools, keepsakes and more. Starting out as a part time employee at "Alaska Laser Craft," Deb learned everything she could from the owner. Fast forward a few years later and she ended up buying his business from him to run for herself. 

    Equipped with a 30 watt laser, Deborah is able to pretty much engrave any design into wood (as well as other materials). Her preferred material of choice is wood. All of the wood used in her designs is sourced from a local, family run wood mill. She primarily uses cedar, which she sands herself.

    If you are looking for a unique gift, a gorgeous rune set, a stunning tarot box, or if you are looking for something custom like a crystal grid, Alaska Laser Maid will get the job done, and it will be done so quite beautifully. 

    • TIME •

    The Crystal Box Sabbat Box

    We take pride in assembling each and every Sabbat Box by hand, no matter the amount of time it takes. We don't just throw your items inside a flat rate priority mail box like some other subscription box companies out there. We want your Sabbat Box to be delivered to you as beautifully as it left us, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to complete this task.

    This includes folding the boxes together, individually cutting each sheet of tissue paper by hand, weighing out the crinkle paper for each box, designing the flyers, coupons, stickers and brochures to be printed professionally by commercial printers, individually placing each item within their corresponding bags, individually assembling the boxes, individually packing the tissue paper within each box by hand and also putting together and creating product packing. This timeframe doesn't even include the efforts made to manage the Sabbat Box website, the back end billing system, social media management, customer service inquiries, accounting, marketing, purchasing, networking, and so on. This is a labor of love and we enjoy serving the community!

    We believe in what it is we are doing and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you can see that the purest of intent and utmost care goes into curating each Sabbat Box.


    The Official Crystal Box Unboxing Video

    Don't forget to share your unboxing videos with us for Beltane here



    We would like to thank each and every one of our suppliers, vendors, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, our members, for making Sabbat Box possible. This wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for our members. We hope to continue to serve the Pagan community at large and continue to provide you inspiration to celebrate The Wheel of the Year! Have a happy Beltane!

    Blessed Be,
    Llyfr & Hugh
    Founders of Sabbat Box

    Clear Quartz

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