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Sabbat Box Midsummer Sabbat Box Theme - Herbal Witchery


Plants bring us the love, the nourishing power of the sun, which is the same energy of all the stars of all light” – The Yoga of Herbs

As we travel past Beltane and the wheel of the year turns once more, you may notice that the days have grown longer, the sun’s rays shining warmer, and the fields, trees and flowers that blanketed the earth with a spectacle of color during the spring; are now happily basking in the golden hues of the midsummer sun.

Midsummer-Litha-Summer-Solstice-Sabbat-Box.pngMidsummer, also known as the summer solstice or Litha, is a sabbat that marks the longest day of the year, with the shortest night. It is a celebration of the sun, growth, increase, empowerment, fertility and the abundance of the Earth that comes with the season. After the summer solstice occurs, days will start to grow shorter and shorter, until we reach the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year). The summer solstice tends to occur on or around June 21, and may vary from year to year.

With the summer solstice upon us, we look to the sky to honor the sun and all that it bestows us like our ancestors did. It is this very sun, our own special star, that provides for us as a people (as well as every living thing on this planet), the ability to survive and flourish. Our ancestors knew this, and a vast majority of them would take note of the celestial patterns of the cosmos, marking days like the solstices as holy days, and making them a time to honor the fiery body that brings with it warmth and the ability for life itself to carry on.

For this year’s Midsummer sabbat box, we have turned to plant kingdom for inspiration in order to curate your boxes…For everything that grows is something to be celebrated on Midsummer.

Though it is not one of the three harvest sabbats like the sabbats that follow it, Midsummer has long been associated with being a time when the abundance of the earth starts to become more prevalent, especially within the plant kingdom. Thanks to the longer days and the warmth of the sun, many types of plants will begin to mature around this time of year, and when harvested, the solar energy that helped each plant to grow, remains within them and will be transferred to us when we use them – in essence making a direct connection between what grows from the ground and the sun.

Herbal Witchery - Litha Midsummer Sabbat Box ThemeWhether being used to eat, to heal, to adorn, for spiritual purposes or to be made into something else, since the dawn of time, we as a people have turned to the flowers and herbs of the plant kingdom for our every need. And within the practice of modern Paganism and witchcraft today, plants and herbs play one of the most integral roles in our spiritual practice. Many of our spiritual tools are made from them (incense, oils, candles), and we incorporate them into sacred rites and ceremony for the correspondences they hold. They even adorn our sacred space -- just as they were originally used throughout time.

As shamans in tribes of old, we would seek to commune with the spirit of different plants, in effort to obtain their healing wisdom. As cunning-folk living out of sight, amongst the wood, if townspeople fell ill, they would petition us to concoct an herbal remedy for the ailment they faced. And as modern day mystics and followers of the magickal arts, we implement the use of herbs in our spiritual practice to aid in our pursuits of setting forth our intention and manifesting the changes we desire.

The history, legend, and lore of herbalism runs deep within the various practices of Witchcraft and modern Paganism. For this year’s Midsummer Sabbat Box, we wanted to offer an array of products that reflected some of the different ways one is able to implement herbs and herbalism into your spiritual practice, while also learning more about herbal witchery as a whole. With this box, we also hope that you will discover the versatility and magick of herbs and herbal witchery, while implementing new herbal tools into your practice that you may not have thought to use before.


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