Ostara 2019 Sabbat Box Theme Release • Blooming Prosperity

2019 Ostara Sabbat Box Theme -  Blooming Prosperity


Boxes ship: 3/8 ~ The great turn of The Wheel brings us back again to spring, the season when new life and new possibilities are in full flourish. Cold long nights and short days give way to the first warm days when fertile ground emerges new life. Many animals prepare to welcome their offspring, and the first buds of flowers break through, and with them an early hope of abundance and a healthy harvest that’s to come in the months ahead.

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Ostara 2019 Sabbat Box Theme - Blooming ProsperityOstara, also known as the spring equinox, is a celebration of that fertility and renewed opportunity and a reflection on how our ancestors lived or died on the return of growing crops and expectant livestock. Because of the anticipation of this fruitful ground and the success that we hope to experience around us, we at Sabbat Box are curating a box for 2019’s Ostara that honors and celebrates that early anticipation of new growth in a concrete way.

Ostara, historically, is the Sabbat commemorating the Spring Equinox. The word “East”—a cardinal direction most associated with the rising sun and the sign of air—comes from the German root word of Ostara. The day of the Spring Equinox brings alignment of the sun with due east, the day ending when the sun sets due west. This alignment of celestial balance shows us that even for just a moment, the microcosm and macrocosm are in perfect unison, and nature finds balance amongst the chaos of existence. Immediately after that balance, nature then offers her first indication that there will be a period of time when the days will now be longer than the night, allowing for increased sunshine and an abundance of light. This light will continue to grow and get longer until the summer solstice, and then start to wane again.

If we look upon this symbolic time of balance with a sympathetic magick perspective, this timeframe that leads to the growth of light during fertility season can easily parallel the concept of fruitfulness and prosperity, making this a perfect time to curate a box themed around prosperity magick. With nature reemerging and waking up, and the life bearing sun blessing us with warmer days, It is this specific concept that we drew from this year that inspired the theme behind the 2019 Ostara Sabbat Box, and also helped to inspire us to curate the items featured inside the "Blooming Prosperity" themed Sabbat Box. With a focus on that anticipation of success and abundance, we collected a group of items that will help look forward to your own fruitful prosperity and abundance, as well as tools and practices that will help assist in drawing prosperous results to your own magickal endeavors.

Ostara Sabbat Box Theme Release for 2019 - Blooming Prosperity

As we ship out your Sabbat Boxes for Ostara this year, we hope that all of the things you wish to have flourish and cultivate this spring come to fruition. May your Ostara be filled with much prosperity and golden blessings.

2019 Ostara Sabbat Box Theme Release - Blooming Prosperity


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