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The Holly KingTraditional pagan tradition states that this time of year, the Holly King—sometimes referred to as The Dark Lord or the Dark aspect of the masculine God—prepares for the infant Oak King to come forth. His appearance at Yule is to relinquish his crown of berries to the new Lord of the Light, soon to be crowned with acorns.

The winter solstice is the culmination of darkness. The sun rises late in the morning and leaves us early in the evening; it is the shortest day of the year. We can honor that darkness, even as we celebrate Yule as a festival of lights. Because what is worked in the dark can sometimes allow time for manifestation in the light of day.

Contrary to other spiritual paths, darkness doesn’t equal evil. For Pagans it is merely the “other side” of light. As creatures of balance we must strive to practice our craft amidst the darkness, just as the mouse may learn to move and protect herself under the cloak of night. The darkness, for her—like us—is not evil at all. In fact, the ability to use darkness for protection and accomplishing things without being seen ensures we will not catch the eye of those people or energies who might stand in our way.

The theme of this Yule’s Sabbat Box is manifesting midwinter magick. As you celebrate Yule this year, we hope that you will come to appreciate this shortest of days and see the power in manifesting your will with the help of falling night. We are curating a collection of items that will allow you to work unseen and gather the skill to make manifest your intent. We cherish the light—and will celebrate its soon return—at Yule, but witchcraft can sometimes work its greatest magic away from the hearth fires and lights. Sometimes the manifestation of magick works best unseen.

Manifesting Midwinter Magick - 2016 Yule Sabbat Box Theme Release


Discover the 2016 Yule Sabbat Box - manifesting Midwinter Magick

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