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Are you ready for spring? ~ Boxes are scheduled to ship March 9

Elemental Magick - 2018 Ostara Sabbat Box Theme - This point in the year starts to bring warmer temperatures, new flowers, and--for some--the last melting of this past winter’s snow. During this time, some of us think about planting a vegetable garden or trying some new landscaping, which can not only make our homes more beautiful, but give us a great excuse to get out of the house we were trapped in all winter and enjoy the warm air and sunshine.

Our ancestors, however, had a more practical reason to start working as the days started to lengthen: they understood the significance of this time as an indicator for how the rest of the year would go through the summer and into the fall. A successful crop planting during this window of time in the Wheel of the Year meant the difference between a bounty and a struggle. The basic building blocks of life (and survival) were re-emerging and it was up to them to recognize those elements and use them to reach their goals.

Ostara, which is all about growth, fertility, and increase, is a celebration of this time of life and its gifts. When we consider our own goals in life as the year goes on, we too must recognize this window of time as an opportunity to take the steps toward a year of increase and abundance.

For this year’s Ostara Sabbat Box, we are curating a box that brings together this important time in the life cycle of our environment and the basic elements that even our earliest ancestors recognized were important for survival. Earth for planting, water for irrigation, air for pollination, and fire (the sun) for growth and increase...while we have a more complex understanding of what constitutes scientific elements, these basic four cardinal elements are also part of the foundation behind our magick and our magickal pursuits. It is with the elements that we connect with and correspond to in order to draw up our power to manifest a specific outcome. Just like the nature of spring, the elements combine together to bring about life, and in magick, the elements combine together to bring about change and power.

We are very much looking forward to sharing with you this special box of elemental magick for Ostara, with hopes of you finding a deeper connection to the elements themselves, while further connecting with each of their specific properties on both a magickal and mundane level. 

Elemental Magick Ostara Sabbat Box Theme for 2018


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