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2017 Ostara Sabbat Box - Moon Magick - Sabbat Box a Subscription Box For Pagans


2017 Ostara Sabbat Box Theme Release - Moon MagickThe next sabbat in the Wheel of the Year that we will reach in the Northern Hemisphere is Ostara, the celebration of spring and the vernal equinox--that point where the light and the dark of the day is equal. During the sabbat of Ostara, it is common to work magick corresponding to balance and duality, (due to the actual representation of both light and dark being displayed within nature around this time of year), but instead of taking the typical route with this year's Ostara Box, we decided to connect with the energies and celestial wisdom of the moon, which also encompasses the duality of both light and dark, in her own unique way. An important part of following a magickal path is learning to incorporate new and unique approaches to your spiritual practice and breaking away from the standard cookie-cutter mold of modern Paganism from time to time. For this Ostara’s Sabbat Box: the Goddess, represented by the Moon, and her magick will be the main focus and where we have drawn our inspiration from for this theme. 

When it comes to the moon you can find direct parallels between the Wheel of the Year and the lunar cycle. More specifically, each moon phase could actually be representative of a sabbat in and of its self, simply based on the similar correspondences that they each share. On top of that, most would agree that within the craft, the moon and her phases are considered to be one of the most important and influential celestial bodies that can effect our magick and the energies we attempt to work with and manifest. This makes working with the moon an integral part of the craft, regardless of the sabbat. The items featured inside this box were curated to help assist with opening up, channeling and working with the lunar energies this sabbat, and all throughout the year.

We hope the 2017 Ostara Sabbat Box and the surprises it holds inside will add a unique addition to your next ritual, meditation, or magickal working, and that you are able to connect with the guiding light of the moon to bring forth and manifest your desires for the coming spring.



Discover the 2017 Ostara Sabbat Box Here

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