Mabon 2016 Sabbat Box Theme Release • Protection Magick For The Home

Mabon 2016 Sabbat Box Theme Release - Protection Magick for the Home and For the Equinox


Mabon Sabbat Box The moon rises in the easterly sky, its amber hue reflecting the color of the spent cornfields. The grain has been put up. The darkness of evening creeps in earlier and earlier as the days pass. Someone, somewhere, burns their spent cornstalks, filling the air with the warm fragrance of decay and the last promises of summer fulfilled.

You move across the fields and hear things waking to the night: the owl’s low trill, the bat's swoops and circles, the wolf’s whine and howl, the nightingale’s call to arms. It reminds you of the shorter days ahead…the drain of blues and greens and reds under a purpling sky. A thousand stars start to twinkle overhead, its canvas turning blue-black, a cold reminder of how small—insignificant—you are on the moving earth. 

The last signs of summer are moving behind us, and the darkness that approaches for winter reminds us that the plenty and abundance of greener times is leaving us for other seasons. Our ancestors would start to prepare well in advanced for the upcoming season, especially moreso for the darker half of the year, because where there was darkness, protection was required. Though Mabon may be commonly celebrated today somewhat as a "Pagan Thanksgiving," being that it is the Sabbat of the great harvest, or a time to honor balance (because the Sabbat falls on the equinox), we decided to focus our intent to finding products aimed at protecting the hearthside when curating this box for Mabon. 

It is this spirit of protection, of our ancestors before us preparing and bracing themselves for the hardships of winter ahead, that we honor, celebrate and recognize this Mabon. This was a time to prepare food storages against the coming lack while keeping the hearth fires and bonfires lit for their warmth and light—the light that allows us to see into that darkness and spot any danger that may be around us. This was a time to prepare the home and the hearth, and to rid and banish all that was unwelcome and to make room for all that is.  

This year’s Mabon Sabbat Box is a stop on the Wheel of the Year that reminds us to take those steps to protect ourselves and our homes, and to be vigilant against shortages and negative energies in our lives. We have curated a selection of items that hopefully will help prepare your mind and spirit, to enhance that vigilance against the darker days ahead, all while celebrating another turn of the Wheel, and what it has brought to us over the last months. We are grateful for our abundance as we celebrate the feasts of Mabon, but we also create potent magick to protect what is ours and that in which we dwell during the coming darker times.  

Mabon Sabbat Box 2016 - Protection Magick for the Home and for the Equinox


Discover the 2016 Mabon Sabbat Box Here

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