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There are times the Wheel of the Year seems to move a little slower. The spring planting seems like it was so long ago. Long days, full of heat, seem to linger on. By the first of August, when Lammas arrives, those days sometimes feel as if they will never end. Will the fruits of our labor ever materialize?

Lammas - Lughnasadh Sabbat Box for 2016 - Witches First HarvestSo too, as Pagans and witches practice their craft, sometimes the seeds of intent have long since been sown and, like the long hot days of summer, it can seem as if returns on that intent may never come. But, as long as conditions are met, as long as the sun continues to shine, and—yes, even as the dark storms and rains come—the first harvest of all that hard work means the first actual benefits of all we’ve worked for will come to pass. With hard work and effort, we are able to help manifest abundance and prosperity, which go hand in hand with the first harvest Sabbat. 

We waited with hope as Imbolc came and went; we worked the fertile ground of Ostara; we took action on what we willed for Beltane, and we stood squinting in the sun as the green stalks grew taller on Litha. Now, finally!…we come to the time to reap the fruits of all that hope and patience in the form of the witches' first harvest.

This Sabbat Box celebrates those first fruits, and commemorates the manifestation of our will and the effects of our intent. The time of waiting is over and we have evidence of all of our hard work for the first time this season. So celebrate the results and rejoice in the abundance of the first harvest—the Witches Harvest. Interested in joining Sabbat Box? Join the waiting list here.


2016 Lammas Sabbat Box - Lughnasadh Sabbat Box

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