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2018 Lammas Lughnasadh Sabbat Box Theme - Shamanic Connection

Hail and Welcome, Sabbat Box Members and Friends!

Lughnasadgh, the Gaelic festival and feast celebrating the first harvest is upon us! For this year's Lammas Box, we looked at the connection between the first harvest and the world of the first spiritual practitioners, Shaman. We hope that with this year's Sabbat Box for Lammas, you are able to connect with the Sabbat in a unique way, while also enjoying the fruits of your labor and the joy of abundance that this beloved Sabbat represents. 

  • As some of you may know, we are currently at our maximum membership capacity at Sabbat Box. We have implemented a waiting list for those interested in joining when membership positions become available. You can join the waiting list here
  • Do you or someone you know make a product that would appeal to the Pagan community? Are you looking to launch a product or get your product in front of a large audience? If so, lets talk! Sabbat Box is always looking for new vendors and suppliers that create unique items to feature inside an upcoming Sabbat Box. Sabbat Box is a great way for people to find out about you, your product or your company. Whether you are looking to advertise inside the box or wish to feature a product within a box, we would love to hear from you. Register to become a Sabbat Box Supplier/Advertiser today.


    Shamanic Connection Lammas Lughnasadh Sabbat Box - A Subscription Box For Wiccans and Pagans

    All of the items that we curated for you inside this box correspond with -or- may help assist you with the following forms of magick:

    • Help to aid with meditation
    • Purification
    • Spiritual cleansing and healing
    • Offerings and divination
    • Helps one to incorporate different tools that come directly from the earth into your practice

    For this year’s Lammas Sabbat Box, we wanted to highlight the reliance on the earth by focusing on the original, human-spirit connection method: shamanism. While the most familiar picture of shamanism for many of us refers to the indigenous peoples of North America, shamans have extisted under different titles and names in every part of the globe from the beginning of human history. These early practitioners were the medicine people, the advisors, the knowing members of their group or tribe who were revered and honored highly in those cultures, Shamanism generally refers to practicing higher states of consciousness (sometimes through mind-altering plants and substances called entheogens) as a means of connecting to the Otherworld or Divine. Shamans would enter altered states of consciousness, reaching a state referred to as ecstasy, which in this state would divine messages and help provide guidancefor their people. Dancing, singing, drumming, storytelling, and ritual reenactments of important events were just some of what ancient (and modern) shamans throughout the world have done in their practice. Shamans were also the first spiritual practitioners who incorportated ritual tools and objects from the earth into their practices.

    We at Sabbat Box--who are committed to introducing and providing tools to modern-day practitioners--seek to honor these ancient practitioners with this year’s Lammas Sabbat box theme, Shamanic Connection. We have curated a collection of items that we hope will give deference to shamanic practice and how it has informed our own modern spell craft and ritual practice. At this time of year, with our focus on the gifts of the earthand our place in it, we hope that this year’s Lammas Sabbat Box might bring you a little closer to the earliest roots of Pagan practice and the Earth on which we live.

    Much like the gifts of sustenance the earth provides us during harvest season, the earth alone can lend us all that we need to allow us to further strengthen our bond with it, to further nourish our spirit, and bring us closer the divine.


    Shaman Wisdom Oracle Card Deck and Bag Set

    ITEM 1: ORACLE DECK.........$22.95
    • WHAT:
    Shaman Wisdom Oracle Card Set by Leita Richesson (w/Gold Bag)
    • WHO MAKES IT?:
    US Games
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at US Games or at The Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: This oracle deck is meant to provide a unique addition to your daily divinatory pursuits, while also acting as a standard oracle deck that can be used for standard readings. 


    The Shaman Wisdom Card/Oracle deck is sure to catch the eye of many of our subscribers as it touts itself as a daily insight and medication deck inspired by Native American wisdom and shamanic practices. While the deck itself is non-specific to any one tradition or Native American tribe, we believe it serves as a launch point for those interested in earth-centered teachings and beliefs.

    Each Shaman Wisdom deck has 65 cards divided into groups of different trees, moons, stones, plants, animals and directions. Cards 1–12 represent the twelve moons, or twelve astrological months of the year. The accompanying booklet gives the dates of the moon period with a short description of the cards’ intent. The next twelve cards depict the 12 animal sisters; animals such as the eagle and the buffalo that are considered spiritual helpers. There are twelve cards that relate to plants, twelve trees, ten sacred stones, and seven great directions. 

    Use it to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of earth based spirituality and expand your knowledge. This deck is produced by US Games Inc, one of the largest publishers of tarot decks, oracle decks and inspirational decks, who is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year! Some of the most popular tarot decks are published by this company and they hold a variety of awards centered around divination. 


    Sabbat Box Smudge Set With Smudge Sticks Ritual Horn Bowl and Feather

    ITEM 2: SMUDGE SET.............$21.50
    • WHAT:
     Smudging Set with Guinea Fowl Feather, Horn Bowl, and Smudge Sticks
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Assembled via Eclectic Artisans
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available individually at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: These ritual tools are are great way to cleanse, protect, and purify a space as an honor to the practice of those who came before us.

    Smoke cleansing in some Native American practices is known as smudging, a multi-day ritual that involves fasting and certain preparations each unique to the tribes who practice it. That being said, smoke cleansing is universal to all cultures!  This smoke cleansing set (smudging set) was included to assist our members with just that. 

    The first item of note is a bowl that is made of polished water buffalo horn. Native to Asia and China, the water buffalo horns utilized for this bowl are ethically salvaged. Use the bowl as a means of catching ashes from your herb bundle or as its own offering bowl. 

    Next is a Guinea Fowl feather. Related to the chicken, Guinea Fowls are native to Africa and have a unique reputation for pest control. They’re nature’s natural cleansers! Use the feather to gently direct the smoke of your smudge stick or herb cleansing bundle as another offering on your altar.

    Finally, a set of 3 Lavender, Sage and Cedar smudge sticks complete your set. 
    The combination of sage and cedar promotes protection while hints of lavender encourage relaxation. Burn this bundle to reset your space and tools or even cleanse your self! All of the herbs within this bundle are ethically sourced by a Native American Cooperative via Windrose Trading Company. Overall, this smoke cleansing kit is a wonderful way for you to connect with the earth around you during this earth-centered harvest.


    Shaman Stone Set - Moqui Ball Set With Info Card and Bag - Sabbat Box - Lammas 2018

    ITEM 3: SHAMAN STONES.........$12.95
    • WHAT:
    Shaman Stone Set (a.k.a. Moqui Ball Set) 
    • WHO MAKES IT?:
    Curated by Sabbat Box
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: These curious, naturally formed stone deposits hold a special meaning to many for their vibrational qualities to calm and focus the mind.


    In keeping with the earth based practices of this box, we are including a set of Moqui Marbles. These naturally-forming hematite concentrations are found throughout the Moqui Desert in Utah.  Each stone is comprised of a sandstone core with a hematite shell.  Hematite is known for its magical uses involving stability and concentration, and sandstone has multiple uses including concentration, community and unification, traits which also follow the way the stone is formed.

    Shaman Stones/Moqui Balls are commonly used in gendered pairs and are held in each hand to promote grounding, balance, and focus during meditation or Shamanic journeying. They are believed to also help with discovering or further connecting with your spirit guides or animal totems, as well as enhance one's psychic abilities.  


    Palo Santo Clearing Spray By Sun's Eye

    ITEM 4: CLEARING SPRAY..........$4.99
    • WHAT:
     Hand Blended Palo Santo Clearing Spray 
    • WHO MAKES IT?: Sun’s Eye
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available via Sun's Eye or at The Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: This convenient form of smudging and clearing provides a means to help purify and refreshen your sacred space or room.


    Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is a wild tree native to Central and South American coasts. For centuries, these trees have been used for purifying and spiritual cleansing in various South American Shamanic traditions. Use this spray to cleanse any sacred spaces, a magical tool before your Lammas ritual, or as a perfume to set the scene. Palo Santo has a light baked apples or burnt sugar smell that’s sure to please! Some use it as a replacement for sage if they are particularly sensitive to it as well. This product is handcrafted by Sun’s Eye, a metaphysical perfumery offering a range of ethical, vegan and chemical-free oils, sprays, and other ritual items.



    Hand Painted Egg Shakers - Hand Carved Egg Shakers - Lammas Sabbat Box

    ITEM 5: EGG SHAKER.........$6.95
    • WHAT: 
    Handmade Egg Shaped Maraca/Shaker
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Sourced via Eclectic Artisans
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: These little egg shaped instruments make for a wonderful way to create sound and rhythm for meditation, mental focus exercises, space clearing, and shamanic journeys.

    The wooden egg shaker is an easy-to-learn instrument originating from Latin America and available in most music shops around the globe. Similar to maracas, the egg shaker can be used to add percussion to your harvest ritual or drum circle. 

    The traditional egg shape is representative of the womb, life, fertility, and birth, and can be used to encourage the fertility of the earth and the growth of the crops. You can also use them to represent the pace of your beating heart during shamanic journeys or astral projection, and in combination with smudging or prior to rituals as a form of spiritual cleansing through sound. Made from a wooden shell filled with seeds and decorated with plant-like patterns, this instrument adds to the earthy energy to your practices.


    Smudging Prayer Parchment - Lammas Sabbat Box

    ITEM 6: SMUDGING PARCHMENT...............$1.95
    • WHAT:
     Smudging Prayer Parchment/Book of Shadoows Page
    • WHO MAKES IT?: 
    Azure Green
    • WHERE CAN I GET IT?: Available at the Sabbat Box Store
    • WHY WOULD I WANT IT?: A lovely prayer or incantation to use while clearing or cleansing a space with smoke or spray.

    While smudging is a heavily-involved multi-day smoke cleansing ritual native to some indigenous tribes, smoke cleansing is universal and commonly applied to most practices. The prayer included on this parchment is perfect to use with your smudging kit!

    This 8.5 x 11” parchment scroll will also make a beautiful addition to any altar or ritual space, with wording that encourages the cleansing of the mind, body and soul. Break down each statement provided on the prayer and utilize it as part of your Lammas ritual or as a precursor to it.



    2018 Lammas Sabbat Box Lughnasadh Sabbat Box - Shamanic Connection

    PACKING & SHIPPING: Part of the costs of your box include the box and the packing material itself. The items listed below account for a good portion of the overall costs for the Lammas Sabbat Boxes. Each Lammas Sabbat Box is lined with paper padding and wrapping to add to the surprise of what we’ve curated for you. Shipping is also included in the total price for Sabbat Boxes. The average cost to ship boxes is roughly $9.50. Also, we here at Sabbat Box wish to be as environmentally friendly that we can be and do our best to source packing supplies and material from companies that have the same beliefs we do, in that we want to make as little of an impact as possible on the environment, while also keeping the content of your boxes safe as they make their journey to you. 

    BOXES: Your boxes where made from high quality corrugated paper and are 100% recyclable. Please try to find another use for your box. They are 9x9x3 on the inside. You could decorate your box to hold some magickal supplies or use it again to ship something to someone or save it for another time when you may need it. If you have to get rid of it, please try to recycle it.

    BROCHURES: Your brochures are printed on recyclable 16pt paper, which is sourced from sustainable forests.

    TISSUE PAPER & FILLING: The brown tissue paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable. The colored filler inside each box is made from scraps of recycled colored crinkle paper and is biodegradable. The filler comes from an eco-friendly, woman owned company. 

    STICKERS: The stickers found within your boxes where printed on vinyl with a gloss laminate.


    2018 Lammas Lughnasadh Sabbat Box Savings

    Part of our goal is to provide a number of items to our members at a value far above what individuals can purchase on their own. When you add up all of the items inside your Lammas Sabbat Box, as well as costs for shipping and packaging, you are saving over $34.00. We believe this to be another good reason to be a member. Also, each box we create helps to support Pagan run businesses and their employees. Sabbat Box looks forward to continuing to stay within our mission to work with other Pagan businesses to supply products for each box.

    • Total MSRP of items inside: $71.29 

    • Total Savings on this box: $25.34 
    • Total Shipping Savings: $9.50 
    • Grand Total In Savings: $34.84 

    Our members helped to support 6 small/Pagan run businesses with their Sabbat Box membership! We work with other Pagans and Pagan owned businesses within the community to purchase, curate and supply the items featured within our boxes. In the end, we want to help the community grow and share our business with companies that share our same values and standards.

    • TIME •

    2018 Lammas Lughnasadh Sabbat Box - Shamanic Connection

    TIME: We take pride in assembling each and every Sabbat Box by hand, no matter the amount of time it takes. We don't just throw your items inside a flat rate priority mail box like some other subscription box companies out there. We want your Sabbat Box to be delivered to you as beautifully as it left us, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to complete this task.

    This includes folding the boxes together, individually cutting each sheet of tissue paper by hand, weighing out the crinkle paper for each box, designing the flyers, coupons, stickers and brochures to be printed professionally by commercial printers, individually placing each item within their corresponding bags, individually assembling the boxes, individually packing the tissue paper within each box by hand and also putting together and creating product packing. This timeframe doesn't even include the efforts made to manage the Sabbat Box website, the back end billing system, social media management, customer service inquiries, accounting, marketing, purchasing, networking, and so on. This is a labor of love and we enjoy serving the community!

    We believe in what it is we are doing and we sincerely hope that each and every one of you can see that the purest of intent and utmost care goes into curating each Sabbat Box.


    Don't forget to share your unboxing videos with us for Lammas here



        • The History of Lammas: Article
        • Crafts and cooking for Lammas: Article
        • 5 ways to celebrate Lammas: Article
        • Lughnasadh Rituals and inspiration via Witchy Words: Articles

    We would like to thank each and every one of our suppliers, vendors, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, our members, for making Sabbat Box possible. This wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for our members. We hope to continue to serve the Pagan community at large and continue to provide you inspiration to celebrate The Wheel of the Year! Have a Blessed Lammas!

    Blessed Be,
    Llyfr & Hugh
    Founders of Sabbat Box

    Shamanic Connection - Lammas Sabbat Box 2018 Lughnasadh Sabbat Box

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