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Druids and CeltsIt was from the wisemen, shamans, and lore keepers that so many of our modern neo-pagan and Wiccan traditions stem from. For this year's Beltane box we thought...what better way is there to further connect with our spiritual selves than to connect with our spiritual roots; the roots of those who laid down the foundation in which we use and tap into, in order to draw forth and bring about change, while also further providing spiritual nourishment and meaning into our lives. Many of these roots lay specifically with the Celts, and to further connect with their mysteries of the past, is to further connect with ourselves and our practices today.  

The Celts had a special connection with nature, more specifically trees. The Celts believed that trees were harbingers of wisdom and information, with each tree offering practical, magickal, and healing attributes. To the Celts, to understand the magick of trees was to understand nature itself -- it was a way of connecting with and tapping into the raw elements in which we all stem from.

Beltane itself marks the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, but the sabbat is so much more than just its astronomical and astrological significance. We celebrate Beltane--as well as the concept of the Wheel of the Year--thanks to the Celts, who marked this occasion as the one of the four fire festivals of the year. 

One of the most recognized traditions of the Celts on Beltane was lighting a bonfire, which was meant to represent a celebration of the light and the sun as the days start to turn longer on the run up to Litha, (a.k.a. the summer solstice). Some traditions speak of the bonfire fueled by burning of the nine sacred woods, which come from the first nine trees of the Celtic tree calendar: birch, rowan, ash, alder, willow, hawthorne, oak, holly, and hazel.

Another more modern Celtic based tradition is to use these tree's woods in a bonfire as a form of divination; a way to allow the flames and movement of the fire to provide hints and clues of what is to come, especially in reference to foreseeing the coming summer and harvest season. Since Beltane sits opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, some believe that the veil thins once again on this day, making Beltane an opportune time to practice divination and connect with the hidden and unknown.

Aside from using wood to divine fire, wood and trees have long held deep magickal significance to the ancient Celts. In fact, the Celts venereated certain trees, and from their profound adoration of trees emerged a sigil/symbol type of alphabet known as the Ogham (pronounced Oh-am), that historians believe was used for divination, communication, record keeping and more. 

For this year's special 3 year anniversary Sabbat Box for Beltane, we will be diving deeper into the study of what the Celts as a people practiced and held sacred. Inside this box you will discover a variety of tools that will further assist you on your path of discovering the past to aid in the present. 

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