Litha • Midsummer • Summer Solstice Sabbat Box Theme Release

Litha Midsummer Summer Solstice Sabbat Box Litha Box


Merry Meet Again,

     We hope everyone had a wonderful Beltane and we hope that the items inside of your Beltane Box brought magickal inspiration into your lives! We where so happy to receive such all of the positive feedback from everyone regarding the Beltane Box. We put a lot of time, effort and dedication into making Sabbat Box a valuable tool that will inspire you to further live magically. 

     With that being said, It is that time again here at Sabbat Box when we release the theme for the next box. I know Beltane just passed us by, but we are gearing up for the next box for Litha • Midsummer • Sumer Solstice. The official theme of the next Sabbat Box is..."MIDSUMMER MAGICK." The wheel keeps on a' turnin' and as we head into the peak of summer, we are finding unique products for the next box that are geared towards the summer solstice and the magickal practice associated with this time of the year! We are working very hard with some awesome Pagan owned companies to curate your next Sabbat Box. We truly hope to make this next box even better and filled with items that will surely aid you in your magical endeavors! 

     Also, since we received such positive feedback regarding the items featured in the Beltane Box, we have decided to feature other items for sale by the various vendors who had items featured within the Beltane Box, on the Sabbat Box store. We are in the midst of adding different teas, candles, oils, books and other high quality Witchcraft Supplies that will assist you with you magickal workings. These items will be posted and available for purchase this Friday.

     As specified on the Sabbat Box Shipping Schedule, Litha Boxes are scheduled to ship out on June 8th. And it looks like we are on schedule for that ship date. Just like before, once your boxes ship, you will receive a tracking email with a link to track your Sabbat Box. Also, if you have any questions, you can always visit the Sabbat Box knowledge base/FAQ's or contact us at any time. 

     Don't forget, there is still time to sign up for the Sabbat Box Super Sabbat Giveaway. If you did an unboxing video for your Beltane Box, all you have to do is post it to youtube, and then share the link with us via the Super Sabbat Giveaway registration form. We will be giving away an amazing box of items filled with over $100 worth of products inside. One winner will be picked on May 15th.

     If you happen to wish to do a little more reading about the upcoming Sabbat, here are two links you may like:
     • Inspiration for setting up your Litha altar, From Marietta over at Witchy Words: 
     • From Patti Wigington over at, setting up your Litha-Midsummer altar.

We look forward to delivering your Litha • Midsummer • Summer Solstice boxes to you!


Litha Midsummer Sabbat Box

Hugh Carey

Hugh is the founder and owner of Sabbat Box and its parent company, Eclectic Artisans an online pagan marketplace.

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  • Hugh Carey
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  • Juan

    Alathe / Well written, Denise. Like you, I am a witch who greanelly refers to myself as a Wiccan. The only possible explanation I could come up with for the other 12 holidays they mention is full moon. But even if that’s where that came from, they’re off, because there are 13 full moons in year. If one wanted to be petty, you could say Christians have a lot more holidays (holy days) average 4 Sundays a month for 12 months, that’s 48 holidays right there. Playing D & D and liking incense? Well, I do like incense. I play games similar to D & D, I also play video games, am involved in theatre, make/repair jewelry, do a variety of yarn crafts and a bit of sewing. None of which has anything to do with my religion. They are just things I personally enjoy. Assuming you are correct about his reasoning for disdaining Halloween as the most sacred holiday, one could say the same thing about Christmas. To an outside observer, it’s all about receiving gifts, buying some for others so you don’t feel guilty about it, and putting on a gaudier display than the neighbors. Shoot, most people don’t even call it by it’s full name! How does that have anything to do with Christianity? (This is not my actual personal opinion of the holiday, but what I think a truly impartial outsider would see.) A good piece of journalism should be based on facts. If it is based on opinion, that should be clearly stated, and not taken as fact. Bashing and degrading others who have differing opinions is not journalism. It is slander, defamation.

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