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Greetings Fellow Cunning Folk,

It looks like the Beltane Sabbat Box ship date is still on track for April 17th. All members that joined or signed up by April 1, 2015 by 5:00pm EST will be receiving The Beltane Box. Each Sabbat Box will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Once boxes are shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with the tracking # for your box as well as a link to track your box as it is en route to you. You can also check the status of your order at any time by visiting the "check order status" page. Enter in the order # on your order receipt and the email address you used to sign up and click find. From there, you will be able to see all the details pertaining to your order and there will also be a tracking link where you can track your package.

We have some absolutely amazing products in store for the very first Sabbat Box including our very first Sabbat Box exclusive product, made by a small Pagan owned business (more information about this particular product will be found within your Sabbat Box info sheet in your box). We don't want to give to much away about it before the boxes go out, but lets just say we like to "tease." Some of you may get the hint, if you do, SHHHHH ;-)

Beltane Sabbat Box Beltane Box Wheel of the Year

Announcing the theme of the first Sabbat Box 

"The Fires of Beltane." Being that Beltane is a Fire Festival and the general corresponding element is Fire, we felt it appropriate to connect the first box with the strong and masculine symbolism of fire. 

Beltane is a time of growth, fertility, prosperity and manifestation. It is the time of year when the snow is all but gone and the fiery sun is ablaze, brining forth the new growth of nature. Our mother Earth is is waking from her slumber and spring has set the mark for renewal and life. The items you will be finding within your Beltane box coincide with these energies and each Beltane box will be filled with an abundance of information and Pagan products that will bring forth that magical spark within you to help jumpstart your Beltane festivities. Also, Sabbat Box members will be privy to some phenomenal exclusive items and features - just for being members. We don't want to give away too much before we ship the Beltane Boxes out, but we can promise you this, there will be products and magical inspiration in this box to last you a few more Beltanes!

We thank each and every one of you for taking part in this journey with us and look forward to the official unveiling on the April 20th!!!

Your Official Box Witch,

• A Beltane Declamation •
"Let swing open the gates of summer!
By leaping hare and serpent fire,
By broom, by staff and cauldron pyre,
We conjure thee, we conjure thee, we conjure thee,
Oh white one, come!
So shall it be."

An excerpt from: "Traditional Witchcraft, A Cornish Book Of WaysBy: Gemma Gary, Troy Books.

This book is available in a few different editions, including the limited editions shown below. For those interested in learning more about British Folk Magick, author Gemma Gary and Troy Books offers a fantastic array of publications to choose from on the topic. Highly recommended!
Gemma Gary Troy Books Traditional Witchcraft A Cornish Book of Ways

Hugh Carey

Hugh is the founder and owner of Sabbat Box and its parent company, Eclectic Artisans an online pagan marketplace.

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  • Hugh Carey
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  • Outlawteddy

    Congratulations! I discovered I was pnneragt last Beltane and my eldest daughter graduated from High School just a couple weeks later. I haven’t had a little one in the house in like 10 years, but what a joy he is. Everything is so different than it was when my teenagers were babies, that or I forgot everything. I’m so excited for your journey, I hope it’s as joyful as mine is.

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