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This exclusive "members only" giveaway allows members the ability to share their Sabbat Box experience via an unboxing video. Members are able to register for this exclusive giveaway by making an "unboxing" video when they receive their Box and sharing that video with us via the registration form below. Each Super Sabbat Giveaway Box will include a much larger assortment of products and the total value of this special box will exceed $100

We want to reward members for their feedback and for sharing their Sabbat Box experiences with us. Tell us how you plan on using the items inside your Sabbat Box or share with us how the items inside will help add to your magical practice. Let us know what you liked most or which product you where most excited to receive. Your video and feedback further allows us to better curate future Sabbat Boxes, which will allow Sabbat Box to become even better! Also, your video may inspire other members to use the items inside their box in a different way and it allows non members to get a good idea of what they can expect if they where to sign up for Sabbat Box. Plus, who wouldn't want to win an amazing box filled with witchy goodness, right?

A winner for each Super Sabbat Giveaway will be drawn at the half way point in between Sabbat Box shipments. This gives you the time needed to make the unveiling video, post it to You Tube or Vimeo and share it on the registration form below.

Hugh Carey

Hugh is the founder and owner of Sabbat Box and its parent company, Eclectic Artisans an online pagan marketplace.

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  • Hugh Carey
Comments 31
  • Momo

    We did the same thing this year for the first time. My two boys just wanted to know how each perosn died, but I managed to slip a few happy memories in there aswell!

  • Melanie Laing
    Melanie Laing

    When will this be available for Canada?

  • Courtney Brennan
    Courtney Brennan

    I got my box today and entered the contest.
    As soon as I opened it and smelled the incense I could feel the magick within the box. I love that it helps support pagan artisans and shop owners !!

  • Miranda

    I received my box today and submitted my Unboxing Video and entry form. It smells so good. I was surprised at how much was in the box and I love the card that comes inside telling you what everything is and what it is for. I am excited to use it on May Day. It would be so cool to win a bigger box. I lost everything I had and am trying to get back on my feet. this is a great way to start out. I am on a fixed income as well so will have to pinch pennies every Sabbat to order a box. I hope everyone is as happy with their box as I am with mine. Good luck to all in the drawing.

  • Jessica

    I’m so excited to be apart of this sabbat box!! I can’t wait to receive my box and do my video !!!!!

  • Jessica

    What an amazing opportunity you are giving someone! Best of luck to everyone that enters! Blessed be )O(

  • Beverley Rowe
    Beverley Rowe

    I love this idea! Can’t wait for my first box. What is required to win a Sabbat box?

  • Jeuelle

    I’m looking forward to my first box!

  • sandy south
    sandy south

    i just ordered my first sabbat box and would love to win some more..the more the merrier!!! be blessed this day junemoonbreeze.)0(…

  • Holly Tompkins
    Holly Tompkins

    I need some magic in my life. These goodies would be amazing to use :) what a blessing it would be to be a winner of these wonderful ritual items. Thank you for a chance!!

  • Christy Madams
    Christy Madams

    This would be a dream! Such thought and artistic talent in making these boxes. I love the creativity! Thank you doing this and good luck to everyone! :)

  • Jaimee

    This is genius! Finally a box that includes the lifestyle of the pagan, witch, Wiccan and so on! The Sabbat box is beautiful and will be a wonderful tool in not only expanding my own practice but educating others I know as well! I’m very excited for this chance to win something that otherwise would be out of my current price range as I am on a budget. Hope to get a chance to win :)

  • BethAnn Scharp
    BethAnn Scharp

    Would LOVE to win something like this!!

  • Mandy

    Being on a fixed income it would be great to win one of these boxes.

  • TaraGrynne

    Looks so useful but will be pinching pennies for the one. However, I do know at least 2 others worse off than I who could use it so I will definitely share what I get!

  • brandy nelson
    brandy nelson

    I think I registered to win the giveaway wonderful thing you do glad I found this blessed be

  • Laurie Mead
    Laurie Mead

    What a wonderful way to learn more.about the different Sabbats.

  • Lori

    It would be so exciting to win a box. Thank you for the chance. Blessed Be

  • TaraGrynne

    Looks so useful but will be pinching pennies for the one. However, I do know at least 2 others worse off than I who could use it so I will definitely share what I get!

  • Lydia

    This box is amazing! Would love to share this with my daughters

  • Angela

    Great stuff. I could really use this. I’m new to the path. Only a year and 3 months in now. I don’t have much, so this would be great for me. I’d really love to win this

  • Pat Wiegert
    Pat Wiegert

    Very cool

  • Tammy

    new to this a box would be so useful

  • Hannah Phillips
    Hannah Phillips

    Merry met. The giveaway look amazing. If I win it would save me money. I really hope that I would win, it will help me out and me being on the my path of learning. It look good put together. Everyone would need this box. Blessed Be )○(

  • Amber Huey
    Amber Huey

    I wanted to add that as a lifelong student of life’s beautiful mysteries and truth, I would love a box to add to my alter, hearth, and home. I just entered into the mother stage of life, and would really enjoy these tools to share and teach my daughter with. Thanks and Blessed Be! )O(

  • Amber Huey
    Amber Huey

    Blessed Be and many heart felt thanks to you, dear new friends! Great concept, wonderful tools!

  • Kelly Barry
    Kelly Barry

    WOW! this is so amazing. ii have yet to gather enough items to have for my altar for sabbats. I love this idea. As an eclectic pagan/empathy/Tarot Reader and studying the art of palmistry I find this a perfect time to stumble across this. My guides have shown me a place where I can find what I have been looking for. I would be honored for a chance to win. Thank you for creating such an amazing site this is just what I needed. Blessings to you and yours

  • Theresa Delcimmuto
    Theresa Delcimmuto

    How wonderful of a concept, and some awesome products that I can see.. I would just love it if I won, would be a first! So glad I found this sight. Very Excited..

  • Noelmcnea

    an amazing concept

  • Alannea Eichler
    Alannea Eichler

    This is such an interesting idea I can’t wait for my first box SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

  • Debra Gordon
    Debra Gordon

    I would love to either win a box or review a box on my blog. I love the items shown.. Plus it would be of great use to me

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