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Ostara 2017 Super Sabbat Giveaway Registration


This exclusive "members only" giveaway allows members the ability to share their Sabbat Box experience via an unboxing video. Members are able to register for this exclusive giveaway by creating an "unboxing" video when they receive their Box and by sharing that video with us through the registration form above. The Super Sabbat Giveaway winners that are chosen will receive their next Sabbat Box for FREE!

We want to thank and reward members for their feedback and for sharing their Sabbat Box experiences with us. Tell us how you plan on using the items inside your Sabbat Box or share with us how the items inside will help add to your magical practice. Let us know what you liked most or which product you where most excited to receive. Your video and feedback allows us to better curate future Sabbat Boxes, which will allow Sabbat Box to become even better! Also, your video may inspire other members to use the items inside their box in a different way and it allows non members to get a good idea of what they can expect if they where to sign up for Sabbat Box. Plus, who doesn't like to win something?

You must register to enter the 2017 Ostara Super Sabbat Giveaway before March 25, 2017. This gives you the time needed to make the unboxing video, post it to You Tube or Vimeo and share it on the registration form above. A winner for the Ostara Super Sabbat Giveaway will be drawn on April 3, 2017.

• You can watch previous Sabbat Box unboxing videos here.

• Be sure to subscribe to the Sabbat Box You Tube channel.

Ostara Super Sabbat Giveaway Winner 0

Unfortunately, out of all of our members who received a box for Ostara, we did not receive any entires into the Ostara Super Sabbat Giveaway.

You could be the winner our next member exclusive Super Sabbat Giveaway for Beltane though! All you have to do is create an unboxing video and share it with us via the Beltane Super Sabbat Giveaway registration page.

Going forward, we are changing the Super Sabbat Giveaway. Winners of the Super Sabbat Giveaways going forward will receive a FREE SABBAT BOX!