Beltane Super Sabbat Box & Winner 1

We are about to ship out the Super Sabbat Giveaway Box to the winner for Beltane. Here is what the winner will be receiving:

• Celtic Cross Leather Blank Book of Shadows: $34.95
• Wicca Oracle Cards: $19.95
• Everyday Witchcraft by Deborah Blake: $16.99
• Sabbats Almanac: $12.99
• Triple Moon Tarot Bag: $11.95
• Hand Poured Road Opener Spell Candle: $12.50
• Greenman Sun's Eye Ritual Oil: $7.95
• 7 Chakra 35 Incense Pack: $4.49
• White Sage: $3.99
• Red and White Chime Candles: $1.00
• Merry Meet & Merry Part Bumper Sticker: $1.95
• Magnetic Bumper Sticker Holder: $2.95

Totaling: $131.66

You could be the winner our next member exclusive Super Sabbat Giveaway! All you have to do is create an unboxing video and share it with us via the registration page on the Sabbat Box website. Congratulations Mary Potter on being the very first Super Sabbat Giveaway Winner! Woohoo!

Here is Mary's unboxing video. Check it out!