Wise Owl Higher Self Stick Incense - 20 pack

Wise Owl Higher Self Stick Incense - 20 pack - Handmade By Charme et Sortilege
Product Description

These beautifully scented Higher Self stick incense by Charme et Sortilege (Charm and Spell) are the perfect incense to use during your next meditation, ritual, spell, shamanic journey, astral projection, or just to add a pleasant aroma to your surroundings. Each stick incense from Charme et Sortilege is made with 100% all natural ingredients and are individually hand dipped in a proprietary blend of pure essential oils, which makes for a high quality, slow burning incense. 

USES: Use to help aid in connecting with your higher self, your unconscious and your subconscious. Support for therapy or introspection, when working on developing your intution and elevating your ritual or spell work. Light during a journey, astral projection or meditation to heighten your awareness and invoke your highest self as well. 

Qty: 20 sticks per pack
Size: 10.50 inch
Burn Time: 1hr +
Scent Profile: An intoxicating, fresh floral aroma with a soothing base note.

$ 6.50