Phoenix Fire Color Changing Fire Powder

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Bring your cauldron to life with Phoenix Fire color changing fire powder by Project Fey. Phoenix Fire powder is a unique blend of all natural, non toxic, earth friendly ingredients that will have your ritual fires dancing in vivid colors. Simply empty a pack of Phoenix Fire onto a lit fire and watch the magic begin! Within seconds your fire will become an enchanting display of brilliantly colored flames for up to 45 minutes. Check out the Phoenix Fire video next to the first thumbnail image and see it in action for yourself! 

Phoenix Fire is safe for any fires:
• Wood Fires
• Fireplaces
• Campfires
• Ritual fires/bale fires
• Cauldron fires

It is common for many witches, pagans and covens to work magick or have rituals around a fire. Now you can call upon the elements and cast circle with your ritual fire representing the colors of the elements. Phoenix Fire is also great tool for fire scrying, as well as color magick, fire magick spells, and working with the elements. Phoenix Fire will surely add an enchanting addition to your next fire.

Size: 1 oz. bag
Lasts: Up to 45 minutes.

This item was featured in the 2015 Mabon Sabbat Box.
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