Dragon’s Blood Stick Incense - 20 pack

Product Description
Dragon’s blood stick incense by Hem, are individually hand rolled stick incense made up of sacred herbs, resins, woods and essential oils to help you manifest your magical intent! Hem incense are extremely popular due to their high quality components that make up each stick. Dragon’s blood stick incense have an intoxicating and enchanting magical aroma that is emitted once lit. Dragon’s blood stick incense are great to use during meditation, ritual, spell work, or to raise the vibration amongst your home or sacred space. 

Correspondences: Dragon's blood is a resin that comes from the Daemonorops draco tree, which is a type of palm. It is a masculine resin that corresponds with the element of fire. It is used magically to bring about protection, exorcism and potency to a ritual, spell or sacred space. 

Quantity: 20 Sticks per box
Size: Standard stick incense. Roughly 9.5 inches each
$ 2.49