Witches' Rune Set With Black Satin Bag

Product Description

These beautiful, hand-burned and stained Witches’ Runes are a unique tool that any Wiccan or Pagan can use for divination. Each set is made from wood of the same branch to insure that the energy and the spirit of the tree remain in tact. Each rune is hand stained with all natural linseed oil to seal and protect them, and they are each left to air-dry.

This particular rune set is based on the runes described by Patricia Crowther in her book Lid Off The Cauldron.

Each Set Comes With:
• 1 - Set of 8 hand burned runes
• 1 - 5 x 7 Inch black satin rune bag
• 1 - Detailed information sheet with rune explanation as well as casting ideas.

This rune set was featured within the Yule Sabbat Box

$ 15.99