Witch Bottle Kit - With Correspondences and Instructions

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Our witch bottle kit comes packed with everything you need to create your own witch bottle for protection, luck, love, prosperity or banishing.

Witch bottle are bottles filled with various objects and liquids of magickal potency that have been used for centuries in certain parts of Europe and early America as a form of protection or "counter magick." It is believed that witch bottles could be used to block and trap the harmful effects of negative witchcraft towards its maker. Though witch bottles are a common tool used in different types of folk magick for protection, they can also be used for prosperity, luck, love and banishing, depending on the ingredients included within them and the intent of its maker. Learn more about witch bottles here.

• 1 x 4.25" x 1.50" Glass Bottle w/Cork
• 1 x Black Candle
• 1 x Carnelian Stone
• 9 x Metal pins
• 1 x Bag of Hyssop
• 1 x Bag of Rosemary
• 1 x Bag of Juniper Berries
• 1 x Bag of Sea Salt
• Correspondences and Detailed Instructions

This particular witch bottle kit comes with herbs and items that have numerous correspondences to allow you to use your witch bottle kit for various intent and purposes.

This item was included inside the 2016 Yule Sabbat Box.
$ 12.95

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