Wheel of the Year Parchment

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This Wheel of the Year parchment is a beautiful rendition of the pagan calendar. The Wheel of the Year Poster depicts astrological signs and where they are in relation to the Sabbats. Place within your book of shadows or frame it and hang upon a wall in your home or sacred space. 

Quote from poster: 
"As the wheel turns, Pagans celebrate eight holy days or Sabbats. Some say the Lady of fire rules spring and summer, while the Lord of Death and Resurrection rules the Fall and Winter. Others say the divine son is born of the great mother on Yule, lies in ecstasy with the young goddess at Beltane, and sacrifices himself  in life's cause at Lughnasadh." 

Size: 8.5" x 11" Parchment

This item was featured in our 2015 Beltane Box
$ 1.95

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