Wheel of the Year Chalice

Wheel of the Year Chalice
Product Description
Our stunning Wheel of the Year chalice is the perfect ritual chalice for any witches altar. This food grade stainless steel chalice has been embellished with the image of the Wheel of the Year, including each and every sabbat and corresponding imagery. The chalice's intricate molded stem adds a special touch to this unique ritual tool as the stem of the chalice contians three triquetras and celtic knotting, bringing further special detail to it. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year and recognize the sacred sabbats that we as Pagans have adopted into our practice with this beautiful chalice. Each chalice is felt lined on the bottom of the stem to protect the surface of your furniture and your altar when using it. 

Size: 7.0" x 2.25"
Holds: 8.0 oz
Chalice is food safe. Hand wash and dry. Not dishwasher safe.

This item was featured within the 2016 Beltane Sabbat Box.
$ 19.95