Uncrossing Ritual Oil

Product Description

Uncrossing Ritual Oil by Sun’s Eye is an essential oil blend infused with fragrances to dispel negative influences, help break jinxes, and lessen the effects of exposure to detrimental psychic energies and people. This high quality oil can be used for anointing, burned in a diffuser or used as a perfume oil. This particular oil is part of Sun's Eye "Specialty" collection and has been specially formulated to help drive out those people or situations that run crosswise to your intent and will. Your results will be decided by your intention.

The Specialty collection of oils consists of hand-blended oils  that are meant to vibrationally enhance the positive atmospheres for which they are named. Their formulae and property listings are based on traditional and time-honored associations and correspondences. Use your Uncrossing ritual oil to anoint or dress a spell candle, ritual tools, and more. One other great feature about Sun's Eye is their oils are Vegan friendly. Their oils are free from animal testing and contain all natural ingredients. This is a potent oil! 

Size: 1/2 fl oz.

$ 7.95