Tree of Life Hand Carved Wood Necklace

Product Description

This Tree of Life necklace has been beautifully carved from wood and comes with a multi-strand cord. It has been stained in an elegant mahogany making this a striking piece for both men or women. One may want to reserve this tree of life necklace to wear specifically during ritual or working magick, or,  imbue it with your own energies to create a talisman out of it, or, wear it as every day jewelry. The tree of life has many meanings and interpretations. It is representative of the connection between all living things and the circle of life of which we are all a part of.

Necklace Length: 11 inches
Pendant Diameter: 2 inches

Since each necklace is hand carved and hand stained, there may be minor variations in the design and color shown.  

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$ 8.00