Black Ritual Salt - Sel Noir

Product Description
Black salt, also known as sel noir, is commonly used by witches during ritual and when working magick. This traditionally made black salt is energetically charged and consecrated, making it a useful magickal component for protection spells and banishing magick. Sprinkle some black salt around the perimeter of your home or ritual space to ward off unwelcome spirits or negative energies that may come your way, or add salt to your typical circle casting routine to add further magickal protection to your space. 

Ways To Use Black Salt:
• Sprinkle around the perimeter of your home for protection against negativity.
• Sprinkle around when casting circle for protection.
• Use within a Gris Gris or a Mojo Bag.
• Use within a poppet or voodoo doll.
• Place within water to make consecrated black salt water for ritual.
• Use in combination with other spell work and magick.

Comes in 2oz bags.

This item was featured within the Samhain Sabbat Box for 2015.
$ 7.00