The Witches' Sabbath Protection Spell Candles - 6 inch

Product Description

The Witches' Sabbath black protection spell candles are the perfect sized black spell candles to get the job done! The Witches’ Sabbath ritual tapers are a Sabbat Box exclusive product, providing welcome light and warmth to your ritual space or home. Long a staple for any practicing witch or pagan, these twin taper candles will provide you a clean-burning flame for spell work or lighting the way for both body and spirit. 

Each pair of tapers come wrapped in parchment and include a simple spell/chant to help get your candle magick started. These black taper candles are the perfect size to use individually for a quick spell, or you can use them together or in combination to further multiply your intent. 

Chant Included On Label:
"By wax of candle,
By way of flame,
I conjure up my will,
By dark of night,
By witches rite,
I beseech this spell."

Size: 6.0 inch, solid black tapers. 
Burn Time: Up to 2 hours.
Sold In Pairs Of 2

This item was featured inside the Samhain Sabbat Box for 2015.

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