Sleep Sachet - Dreams Sachet

Sleep Sachet - Dreams Sachet - Sabbat Box
Product Description
This hand crafted sleep sachet contains a calming blend of herbs, flowers, oils and stones that are combined to manifest tranquil energies and promote a peaceful nights sleep. Each sleep sachet contains herbs corresponding with sleep. Some of the herbs found within this bag are lavender and rosemary, which are commonly used to aid with sleep. Each bag also contains a gemstone that corresponds with sleep as well. The soothing aroma from this bag will lightly fill the air with a light, pleasant scent wherever it is placed. 

Place your sachet under your pillow(s), between your mattress and boxspring towards area of where you lay your head, hang above your headboard or place on your nightstand next to your bead. Prior to doing so, you will want to ritually charge your bag to breath life into it. Crumple the bag and recharge it every month to "wake up the spirit of the herbs." After 6 months have gone by, you will want to dispose of the bag. Burn it as an offering, thanking the spirits of the herbs for their protective energies and bury the stone into the earth. If you cannot burn the sachet, you can bury it within the earth with the stone. 

Size: 5.0" x 3.0" x 1.0"
$ 7.50