Selenite Heart Stone Set

Product Description
These beautiful Selenite stone hearts are both mysterious and enchanting stones. Selenite is a type of gypsum found in Mexico and Europe and is named after the Greek moon goddess "Selene," It is a high vibration stone and is associated with the 3rd eye. Being that it is a stone that corresponds with lunar energies, it is a stone used by many for purification, mental clarity, psychic intuition, spiritual growth and love. 

Each Set Comes With:
• 1 Selenite Stone Heart - highly polished
• 1 Info Card For Your Book of Shadows
• 1 Purple Velour Bag For Safe Keeping

Each selenite heart will vary in size, shape and appearance. The average size is 1.75" to 2.25" and weighs between 1-2 ounces.

This item was featured inside the 2017 Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 8.00