Saturn Grounding Ritual Spray - 2oz

Product Description

Saturn Grounding Ritual Spray is hand blended using pure essential oils and flower essence during specific astrological timing to help aid with achieving balanced roundedness, strength and structure. Saturn Grounding ritual spray is also great for manifesting through the material world, accepting and working with limitations and boosting self-confidence. Saturn Grounding spray is also helpful to use before meditation, ritual or spellwork to help keep you grounded, centered and focused. 

• Cedar Wood Essential Oil
• Pine Essential Oil
• Black Spruce Essential Oil
• Patchouli Essential Oil
• Juniper Essential Oil
• Corn Flower Essence
• Oregon Oak Flower Essence

Size: 2.0 fl. oz. in glass bottle. 

Recommended Use: Spray 1-2 pumps for time of self-doubt, fear of failure, hesitation and frenetic overwhelm. You can also use prior to or in combination with spellwork, ritual or casting circle to help with grounding, centering and focus.

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All essential oils used for the sprays are either cultivated without chemicals or organic certified and are 100% Grade 'A' therapeutic oils with no filler or carrier. All sprays are magically crafted under certain astrological timing and cosmic intention to boost the vibrational energy of the spray.
$ 12.25