Sacred Sabbat Purification Spell Candles - 6 inch

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Sacred Sabbat Purification Spell Candles are a simple way to purify and cleanse your space by use of candle magic. These white ritual spell candles are a wonderful way to honor the power of fire and the light and the purification it can hold. White spell candles are quite versatile and could be used to work candle magick, purification spells, or as a focal point to illuminate your altar or sacred space. One could also utilize white candles as a "blank canvas" when working candle magick, as white candles can be used to correspond to whatever intent you require. 

Size: 6.0 inch, solid white tapers. 
Burn Time: 
Up to 2 hours/each.
Sold In Pairs Of 2.

Chant included with candles:
Element of fire I light your flame,
By burning this candle I speak your name,
Element of fire I call upon your light,
Come forth this sacred sabbat,
To purify, cleanse and shine ever bright. 

This item was featured in the Imbolc Sabbat Box.

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