Purple Triquetra Altar Cloth - 36" x 36"

Purple Triquetra Altar Cloth
Product Description
This beautiful purple and black triquetra altar cloth will add a mystical feel to your home, altar or sacred space. The word triquetra when broken down stems from two root words:"tri" meaning three and "quetrus" meaning cornered. The use of this symbol can be dated back to the 7th century, were it first appeared in manuscripts. Depending on one's spiritual beliefs, the triquetra may represent different things. The actual use of the triquetra has been adopted into modern neopaganism as a symbol of protection, a symbol representative of the triple goddess as well as a symbol of infinite life. 

This particular triquetra altar cloth is not only Celtic in origin, but is also adorned with Celtic knotting along the outer rim of the cloth, adding to its design. 

Total Size: 36.0" x 36.0"
100% Rayon. Do not iron, wash gently in cold water. 

This item was featured inside the Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 14.99