Power Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Spell Candle

Product Description
This Reiki charged power herbal magic pillar spell candle by Crystal Journey Candle Company is hand poured and individually charged to aid one with raising or drawing in power when working magick, during spells, ritual or meditation. Made with all natural waxes and a cotton wick, these aromatic candles have long been favorite to be used for candle magick. Each power herbal magic candle comes with an affirmation and personal charging instructions to allow you to place your own intent within. 

This particular pillar spell candle is hand poured and is infused with musk, clove and patchouli essential oils, of which correspond with power. 

Included Affirmation:
"Allow me to recognize my part in the divine plan. Grant me the power to achieve greatness in doing your will."

Size: 1.5" x 7.0"
Color: Blue-Green

This item was featured inside the 2016 Mabon Sabbat Box.
$ 10.00