Pentacle Crescent Moon Pewter Amulet Necklace - Stability

Pentacle Crescent Moon Pewter Amulet Necklace - Stability
Product Description
This pentacle and crescent moon pewter amulet necklace makes for the perfect amulet for someone looking for stability. This amulet is representation of balance -- in one way the pentacle on this amulet symbolizes all of the elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) in harmony, and also corresponds to the element of earth and grounding earthly energies. In another way, the moon on this pendant is representative of attraction, mystery and emotion. The moon corresponds to the element of water, which also corresponds to emotion and love. With all of the elements represented in their own way, this amulet makes the perfect necklace for those looking for stability. Wear your necklace day to day or wear it specifically when working spells, rituals or magick.

This pentacle moon amulet necklace is made with lead free pewter and crafted in the U.S. Comes carded with an adjustable 24 inch necklace.

Pendant size: 1.25" (1.50" tall with bail).
Necklace: 24 inch adjustable wax coated cord necklace.

This item was featured inside the 2017 Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 8.95