Pentacle Altar Cloth - 36" x 36"

Pentacle Altar Cloth 36 x 36
Product Description
This traditional purple and black pentacle altar cloth will definitely add a magickal essence to your altar or sacred space. The pentacle is one of the most widely revered and cherished symbols of modern witchcraft today and is as a symbol that represents many facets of the craft. It is most commonly used to represent the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The pentacle is also looked upon as and used as a symbol of protection and magick as well. 

This super soft and lightweight altar cloth makes for an enchanting accompaniment to any witches ritual setting. The pentacle upon the altar cloth can even be used as a focal point when working magick or ritual on your altar as well. Each pentacle altar cloth is adorned with intricate Celtic knot work along the outside border, adding to its beauty. 

Total Size: 36.0" x 36.0"
100% Rayon. Do not iron, wash gently in cold water. 

This item was featured inside the Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 14.99