Myrrh Cone Incense By HEM 10 Pack

Product Description
Our Myrrh cone incense by HEM will fill your sacred space with the sweet and fragrant scent of myrrh. HEM myrrh cone incense are hand rolled using a combination of high quality herbs, resins and essential oils in order to create the ideal, slow burning incense. Our Pagan ancestors would burn fragrant resins, herbs and plants, as an incense, in order to bring about (or call upon) the spirit of the plant they where burning. Nowadays, modern Neo-Pagans have adopted the ritual burning of incense to be used during mediation, spell work, magick or rituals as a means of bringing forth and banishing various energies. 

Myrrh: A feminine herb which is ruled by the Moon and corresponds to the element of water. Myrrh is considered a sacred herb by many and is used for protection, exorcism, healing and spirituality. 

• 1 Package of 10 myrrh cone incense
• 1 small metal holder
• Note: only burn in a high heat proof vessel. Do not leave burning incense unattended. Be sure incense is completely extinguished when done.
$ 2.00