Moon Bridge Traditional Rites Loose Incense Kit

Product Description
This is ritual incense as it was in the beginning. The "Moon Bridge" Traditional Rites loose incense kit by Sun's Eye contains an shamanic inspired herbal formulary that will quickly become a favorite of yours for ritual, meditation, magick or spell work.  Loose herbal incense are great because they are freshly blended with high quality components and contain a variety of herbs that work together with their corresponding energies to help cleanse your sacred space and lift the surrounding vibrational energies to help enhance your magick. Ancient Shamans would create blends of harvested herbs and resins and burn them to emit their aromas to help heighten the senses and create sacred space. This incense kit combines rare and fragrant herbs & resins that are consciously harvested from replenishing sources from Asia, Africa, South and Central America as well as the United States. *Be sure to follow instructions on the info card inside on how to properly burn loose incense, as incense charcoal can be a fire hazard if left unattended or burned within an improper vessel. 

Each kit comes with the following:
• One ounce bag of hand blended herbs and resins
• One pack of incense charcoal 
• Detailed information card on the herbs found within as well as instructions on how to burn your loose incense.

Herbs Within The Moon Bridge Incense Kit:
• Anise
• Jasmine
• Water Lily
• Orris
• Lotus
• Sandalwood
• Camphor Leaf
• Gardenia
• Willow
• Mallow

If you prefer, one may use these herbs "as is" to dress spell candles, use them as casting herbs, use within sachets/mojo or gris gris bags, within an offering bowl or individually how ever you wish. Do not ingest. If you are allergic to or have any sensitivity to any of the herbs listed, do you use.

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