Money - Root Chakra Energy Candle

Product Description
Our Money drawing Root Chakra Energy Candles are handmade with the intent on helping to manifest money and prosperity into one's life. When you are trying to make things happen in the material world, in relation to business or material possessions, it is said that the energy needed to succeed in doing so will come from this chakra, the root chakra. The root chakra, also known as Muladhara corresponds to the color red. This particular candle is made with pure essential oils of cassia, clove and nutmeg, giving it a beautifully light spice aroma. 

Corresponding Herbal Components:
  • Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon): Cassia is a masculine herb that belongs to the the element of fire and is ruled by the sun. It is said that cassia has long been used for success, healing, power, psychic power, lust protection, love and spirituality. When burned, it releases a high vibration, aiding in meditation and ritual.
  • Clove: Clove is a masculine herb that belongs to the element of fire and is ruled by Jupiter. It is said that clove has long corresponded to protection, exorcism, love and money. 
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg is also a masculine herb that belongs to the element of fire and is ruled by Jupiter. Nutmeg is an herb that has long been used for luck, money health and fidelity spellwork.  
Size: 8.0" x 1.5"
Burn Time: 15 Hours
Each Chakra Energy Pillar Candle is made with 100% pure essential oils and 100% pure palm wax, making them vegan friendly. Each candle is also made with pure cotton wicks. 

How to use your chakra energy candle:
Choose a peaceful space, set aside for prayer and meditation. If you have a sacred image, hold the unlit candle and present it as an offering. Breath fully and deeply. Feel the infinite blessing power of the Divine. Picture the changes you are contemplating with great faith, affirmation and love. Light the candle. In wisdom you accept what you cannot change, but you know you have the 
courage and help to change what is possible
$ 7.95