Mercury Clarity Ritual Spray - 2oz

Product Description

Mercury Clarity Ritual Spray is hand blended using pure essential oils and flower essence during specific astrological timing to help manifest clarity by helping to increase one's intellectual vibrancy, aid with precise articulation as well as assist with communicative expression (especially during Mercury Retrograde). Mercury Clarity ritual spray is also great when one is in need of help regarding agile thinking, assistance with public speaking, studious students and writers. 

• Clary Sage Essential Oil
• Basil Essential Oil
• Lemon Essential Oil
• Pennyroyal Essential Oil
• Yarrow Essential Oil
• Rosemary Essential Oil
• Trumpet Vine Flower Essence
• Peppermint Flower Essence
• Rabbitbrush Flower Essence

Size: 2.0 fl. oz. in glass bottle. 

Recommended Use: Spray 1-2 pumps within your area during Mercury Retrograde in effort to counter its effects. This ritual spray is also great for times of constricted mental focus, the need for high detail management and/or speaking challenges. You can also use prior to or in combination with meditation, spellwork, ritual or casting circle to create a free flowing and open sacred space.

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All essential oils used for the sprays are either cultivated without chemicals or organic certified and are 100% Grade 'A' therapeutic oils with no filler or carrier. All sprays are magically crafted under certain astrological timing and cosmic intention to boost the vibrational energy of the spray.
$ 12.25