Lammas Ritual Oil - Sabbat Box Exclusive Product

Product Description
This particular Lammas ritual oil is a custom made, limited edition Sabbat Box exclusive product, hand blended by our friends over at Sun's Eye. This oil draws upon the purifying herbal correspondences of white sage and cedar, and is infused with real citrine gemstones and white sage leaves.  

Use this cleansing oil for anointing, burn within an oil warmer, or mix a few drops into a ritual bath for purification prior to your Lammas rites. 

This potent, protective oil is a one time formula that will not ever be available again once it is gone and can only be found at the Sabbat Box store for a limited time. 

Size: 1/2 fl. oz.

This item was featured within the 2016 Lammas Sabbat Box. 
$ 8.95