Labyrinth Pewter Amulet Necklace - Protection

Labyrinth Pewter Amulet Necklace - Protection Amulet Necklace
Product Description
This labyrinth pewter amulet necklace makes for the perfect amulet for someone looking to manifest protection. The labyrinth is a maze like symbol that folds in on its self, making it easy for whatever is inside to become trapped, thus where the idea of it being a protective symbol is believed to have stemed from. There is also much more lore pertaining to the ancient symbol of the labyrinth, further adding to what is symbolizes. Wear your necklace day to day or wear it specifically when working rituals or magick.

This labyrinth amulet necklace is made with lead free pewter and crafted in the U.S. Comes carded with an adjustable 24 inch necklace.

Pendant size: 1.25"
Necklace: 24 inch adjustable wax coated cord necklace.

This item was featured inside the 2017 Imbolc Sabbat Box.
$ 8.95